Photoshop or Paint.NET, which program to choose to edit photos?

Photoshop is king … if you know how to use it

Of course, we cannot deny that Adobe’s photo editing and retouching program is the largest and most complete that we can find. Thanks to him we will be able to do, literally, everything with our photos and images, from making small adjustments to the most complete photomontages. On Photoshop We are going to find all kinds of tools, from the simplest to select, move or paint on the canvas to the most advanced tools that, thanks to AI, can intelligently fill any part of the photo, eliminate certain elements or make modifications that, by hand, would be very complicated.

AI Photoshop Sky Replacement

The problem with this program is that it is intended for professional use. And this translates into two things. On the one hand, the program is quite complicated to use, and even certain simple tasks can take a long time, especially if we are not professionals in the field. And, secondly, it is a paid program, and not exactly cheap, that we have to pay every month to be able to use it.

This is what often leads users to look for other, more affordable alternatives in every way. And one of them is Paint.NET.

Paint.NET, a vitaminized Paint

Paint.NET is a very simple image editing program developed by Washington State University and supervised by Microsoft. For a long time it was thought that this program would end up replacing the classic Paint in Windows, although that moment has not yet come (nor will it come very soon).

Although it is not as complete as Photoshop, this photo editing and retouching program has a lot of strengths. For example, we are facing a very simple and intuitive tool, which we will know how to use even if we have no previous experience. In addition, it has excellent performance, which makes it work very well even on older computers. interface

This program has simple tools to edit photos, as well as being compatible with layers, which makes non-destructive work much easier. In addition, we can easily apply to the photo, or any element of it, all kinds of effects with just a couple of clicks without complicating ourselves. (

We can download this program from the Paint.NET page. In addition, it is an open source program, so we can install and use it without having to pay a single penny.

Which one should I choose then?

Both programs will allow us to do more or less the same, at least at the user level. If we are professional designers, surely Paint.NET is a little short in functions and features, and the finishes of the projects are not as complete as we could hope. If we are going to make a professional use, the best we can do is bet on Adobe software, or on another more complete alternative than this, such as GIMP.

However, if what we want is a simpler image editor, a kind of vitaminized Microsoft Paint, and we do not want to complicate ourselves or go through the box, in that case Paint.NET becomes the best option we can choose.

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