Pixel 6: Google announces record sales, it’s a hit!

Pixel 6s are selling like hotcakes! Despite the shortage of computer chips, Google announces record sales for its latest range of smartphones. The brand has managed to meet its objectives.

Credit: Google

This Tuesday, February 1, 2022, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, published its financial results for the past year. The American giant made 76 billion dollars (67.41 billion euros) in annual net profit in 2021. This is almost double the profit made the previous year, namely 40 billion dollars. The firm is benefiting in particular from the increase in its income linked to online advertising, boosted by the changes in the uses of Internet users since the Covid crisis.

When publishing its results, Google mentioned range sales figures Pixel 6. During the call with investors, Sundar Pichai, CEO of the company, welcomed the success of this new generation, much more ambitious than the previous one. The previous year, the less sophisticated Pixel 5s were more mid-range oriented.

The Pixel 6 have a monster success despite the shortage of chips

“In the fourth quarter, we set an all-time quarterly sales record for the Pixel line. This happened despite an extremely challenging supply chain environment. The response from our customers and carrier partners to the Pixel 6 has been incredibly positive”rejoices Sundar Pichai.

These excellent sales figures come in a complicated context. Since the health crisis, shortage of computer chips prevents electronics manufacturers from producing enough terminals to meet gargantuan consumer demand. Paralyzed by sanitary measures, the production lines are also idling.

Also note the series of bugs which has affected smartphones since their release. Users have noticed, among other things, that the fingerprint scanner under the display is very slow and finicky, that Pixel 6s make phone calls for no reason at night, that the mobile network of certain models constantly disconnects and that WiFi disconnects at regular intervals. Google corrects the shot with several updates.

Despite these factors, Google has managed to sell a significant amount of Pixel 6 globally. These results align with the predictions made by the Mountain View giant last September. Prior to the release, Google was already counting on record sales by betting in particular on American nationalism.

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