Play with black and white in your photos with two clicks in Photoshop

And if Photoshop is characterized by something, it is because it is a tremendously complete tool, as well as complicated to use if we want to take advantage of all its functions. That is why, if we do not need to have the possibility of editing in detail that it contains, we can choose its Elements version, which may be more than enough for a good number of users.

Photoshop Elements, the not-so-younger brother

Adobe released Photohop Elements as a photo and graphics editing application especially suited to photographers, image editors, and hobbyists. It has most of the features that the professional version contains, but with fewer functions and easier to apply. This does not mean that it is less powerful than its older brother, it is simply more accessible to an audience that does not require all the wide range of possibilities that Photoshop offers. With Elements we can create, organize, edit and share images.

The main purpose of this application is its ability to offer a complete photo retouching environment with the help of AI, so that any type of user can edit and improve their photos. One of the functions that may interest us the most when using this application is the possibility of play with black and white our photos that will allow us to appreciate even the most complex details, as well as highlight the drama of the images.

Change a color photo to black and white or vice versa

If we are interested in changing a photo taken from color to black and white or vice versa, the Photoshop Elements application allows us to do it very easily. And it is that just by opening the application and clicking on the Guided tab, we will find different options from which we can choose “Black and white”.

Here we will see how we have different options with which to play. On the one hand, we have our own “Black and White” option that takes care of add drama to photography turning it into a black and white image. It also has the possibility of highlighting a color in our photograph so that it stands out and stands out from black and white. Another option to take into account is the «Black and white selection», which allows us to convert the entire photograph to a black and white image, but keeping the color in the area we want. With all these tools we can easily play with color and black and white in our photos.

Likewise, in this category we have other options to add a soft and luminous look to the photograph, turn the photo into a pencil sketch and the possibility of adding a dark and nostalgic effect to our photo.

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