PlayStation VR2 will offer streaming support and a cinematic mode

Sony has been working for a long time on Playstation VR2his next set for virtual reality that includes a helmet and controls and that comes to succeed the original version of the same device, which was released in 2016 to work with PlayStation 4.

Apparently the Japanese company would be ready to share not only the hardware details, but also the software. Among the new possibilities that the virtual reality headset for PlayStation 5 will offer is the support for live broadcasts, a feature that can work alongside the HD camera available for the console. It is clear that Sony’s intention is to rely on the pull of the Twitch platform and the live broadcast of video game games in general.

PlayStation VR2 will offer a cinematic mode that will display the PlayStation 5 interface and make conventional games available at refresh rates that can vary between 24 and 120 hertzwhile native content for virtual reality will be displayed at a resolution of 4,000 × 2,040 pixels and with a refresh rate of 90 or 120 hertz. The introduction of an interface of the PlayStation 5 system adapted for the virtual reality helmet comes in handy to offer comfort to users, who will not have to take it off to change the content they are seeing at that moment.

Other features expected from PlayStation VR2 are the transparent mode, which allows you to see the room in order to avoid collisions or find the controllers, and the possibility of defining a personalized game area that will warn in case of being too close to the sofa, the television or another obstacle. Obviously, none of this is really new in the sector, but it can help avoid accidents, especially for people who live in small apartments or whose rooms dedicated to video games are not spacious.

As a product that is not officially presented, there are still many unknowns around PlayStation VR2, including what the native interface for virtual reality will be like. Sony has announced that developers will soon have access to the experience offered by the device, so in the near future we should have more details about it and the titles oriented or with a mode that allows us to take advantage of it.

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