Podcast 13 x 02: The new Apple Watch, an iPhone that would work without coverage and more

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This week is loaded with news regarding the Apple Watch and the rumors are abundant and it seems that finally everything indicates that we will have a new design in the Cupertino signature clock. In this sense, Apple as always neither confirms nor denies, so it will be time to continue breaking down rumors and leaks. (

Another of the topics that we touched on last night’s podcast live was the one that affects iPhone 13 news. All these news, rumors and leaks are abundant right now and Apple users are eager to see the news that may arrive next Tuesday, September 14.

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In any case, the good thing is that we are creating a great community of users and it is good for everyone that you contribute your grain of sand. We are happy to spend those late nights talking about what we like despite the fact that the next day we remember “the laughs” when the alarm clock rings.

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