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Years ago we took our photos to specialized stores to be developed once we had finished the corresponding reel of our analog camera. Needless to say, things have changed a lot these days. Now we can print our photos on paper whenever we need it, even if we are traveling. Is xiaomi printer which we will talk about, proves it.

When we refer to printing equipment, a device compatible with the A4 paper format generally comes to mind. However, there are other printers that are somewhat more specific as well as useful, such as the one we are going to show you now. And it is possible that let’s go on a trip for leisure or for work and we need to print certain photos from time to time. Obviously we are not going to take our A4 printer with us, it would be a major inconvenience. But for this we have a series of portable devices as is the case that we are going to talk about now.

Specifically, we are referring to a printer specially designed for the photos that we can carry with us at all times. This is enabled by its impressive design and internal technology. Also, in this case we are referring to a photo printer of the popular Xiaomi brand. Thanks to your reduced size we will have the possibility of using it at any time and place whenever we need it. Specifically, it is about the Xiaomi TEJ4018GL that internally uses thermal technology to provide us with the photos we need on paper at any time.

In addition to its small size, its attractive white color stands out and it is worth mentioning that it only weighs 180 grams. Next, we will talk about other really interesting specifications.

Always carry this Xiaomi photo printer with you

For example, it is worth knowing that the device offers us Bluetooth connectivity to be able to send photos from multiple devices without connecting a single cable. In fact, the printer is compatible with multiple bluetooth connections simultaneously which further increases its versatility.

We can get impressions of up to 300 dpi., which makes this product valid for both home users and professionals. Highlighting its portability, it is also worth noting that the printer has its own 500 mAh battery. Obviously and together with their scarce 12 cm. longmakes it much easier to use anywhere and anytime.

Once we know all this data, we will say that you can acquire this device with a 24% discount right now on Amazon. This means that we will be able to get this portable thermal photo printer for less than 58 euros. Thus, for this attractive price we will take with us a photo printer with a really attractive design to use via Bluetooth whenever we need it.

This means that the photo printer that we have shown you now could become the perfect companion for our laptop if we use it a lot both personally and professionally.

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