Enjoy these must-have Kodi Add-ons in 2021

There are many advantages that they offer us compared to other solutions of this type that are direct competition. Starting with the user interface which suggests that it looks more like an independent operating system than an application as such. In turn, it lets us manage our content libraries by referring to photos, videos, music, television channels, etc. For all this we could say that we are not dealing with a typical multimedia player, but rather that it is somewhat particular.

With everything and with it, despite the enormous amount of functionalities that we find here, on many occasions users do not have enough. With this, what we really want to tell you is that another of the strong points that this program presents us, is the possibility of installing add-ons or add-ons. These are actually small pieces of software that are implemented in Kodi itself and that increase its capabilities.

The add-ons to which we refer can be both functional and related to the appearance of the interface. It is true that some of these elements have generated a great controversy with the Kodi multimedia center. And is that some add-ons that allow access to content protected by Copyright, so they are illegal. In this way, we could say that while Kodi is totally legal software, the use of it by some is not so much.

It is for all this reason that below we are going to show you the add-ons that should be essential in your Kodi right now.

Pluto TV

First of all, we will talk about Pluto TV, a new platform that offers us free movies and series so that we can enjoy them directly from here. It is not too long ago that our country Spain arrived and it has its own legal and free add-on. Here we find a wide variety of content in the form of movies, series, sports, documentaries, etc .; even with HD channels.

All this is also offered without the need to register and little by little new channels with other content are being added.


Thanks to this other software element we will have the possibility of accessing the contents of the streaming portal of Google directly from this application. When we talk about YouTube, we actually mean the video portal streaming par excellence known throughout the world. It has its own official add-on so that Kodi improves your experience and we can access all its contents directly.

In order to get the most out of this add-on, we can even register with our username and password.


For a growing number of users of all ages, although pulling more towards young people, Twitch it is becoming the new television. We refer to a platform initially focused on the broadcasting of content related to games, which is gradually expanding to other fields. Due to its enormous growth, Kodi already has its own add-on so that the millions of users of this online service can enjoy their favorite content creators from here.

In this way we can enjoy our streamers that we follow from the web, but from our multimedia center.


Here we find another complement belonging to a platform that has been with us for a good number of years. In this way, it offers us a multitude of video content for free and legally, although we will find some advertising. It has a library large enough to meet the needs of many users, although we recommend that you defend yourself with English.

As you can imagine, you will have the possibility to view all these video content directly from the Kodi multimedia center. in turn, we find a multitude of categories so that the search for films and documentaries is as fast as possible.


As we said at the beginning, Kodi allows us to manage both audio and video content. Therefore, if we focus on the first of the types, we have to tell you about the add-on called Radio. The most striking thing about this add-on is that it gives us direct access to a large number of radio stations from the program itself. And when we talk about a large number of stations, we are actually referring to more than 30,000 belonging to the entire globe.

kodi radio

As you can imagine, within this figure we find stations belonging to a multitude of countries, languages ​​and genres.

RNE Podcast

If we continue with the radio section, we will now focus on one of the most important stations in our country, National Radio of Spain. We mention this add-on in question because it gives us access to all the recorded content of this specific station directly from the multimedia center.

In this way we will have at our disposal a huge amount of recorded content from the station with a multitude of themes. In fact, we can filter these to select the podcasts that interest us the most.

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