The streaming apps charge me at the end of the month and it doesn’t work for me, can I change it?

Many of the applications, platforms and online services that we use daily from our desktop or mobile computers have a cost. We talk about proposals such as NetflixSpotify or Microsoft 365, elements that we use on a daily basis and that could be considered as important in our life, be it for work or entertainment.

The truth is that if we get enough performance from these Internet platforms that we are talking about, their cost can be considered affordable in most cases. For example, paying 8 or 9 euros per month for a platform video streaming and having at our disposal a huge catalog of content cannot be considered as something unreasonable.

The same happens if we focus on online music services or on certain applications focused on productivity. In addition, we have a wide range of alternatives of those characteristics from which to choose. Perhaps here the problem for many users begins when they subscribe to several of these platforms, of one type or another, simultaneously. Obviously the costs increase significantly, and sometimes all this can become a problem for our company. domestic economy.

At the same time, and in order to be able to control these additional expenses that we have in our day to day, it is important to adjust the time of payment to our needs. And it is that sometimes the day in which the streaming platforms to which we are subscribed give us the receipt is not the best moment. Hence, the situation can arise in which we ask ourselves if we have the possibility of change this date.

Change the collection date of streaming platforms

Well, in the event that you have asked yourself this question, it is worth mentioning that everything depends on the streaming platform to which we refer. For example, HBO Max or Disney+ charge us for the subscription on the same day of the month that we start it. This means that, to change this date, we would have to unsubscribe from the streaming platform and return to subscribe us the exact day in which we are interested in receiving the receipt. The same goes for the Amazon Prime subscription. However, this option will not always be interesting, for example, if we are enjoying HBO’s 50% discount forever.

hbo pay

On the contrary, on Netflix we can modify the receipt payment date whenever we need it in order to adapt the payment to our needs. All we have to do is access the account configuration window and choose the option to Change billing day. In this way we can already adapt the subscription payment date to what interests us most in each case.

netflix pay

In this way, and as we have been able to verify, in most streaming platforms, whether audio or video, the most effective solution to change that payment date is to unsubscribe from the platform and sign up again on the same day. specific of the month that interests us. If we are not benefiting from any promotion or anything like that, this will not be a problem and thus we can adapt these digital payments to our needs.

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