problems and limitations that you will suffer

Having a VPN installed on your mobile or computer is quite common. You can use it to unblock applications or pages that may have geographical restrictions, use Wi-Fi networks with greater security or hide your real IP address. However, this can also have some drawbacks. We are going to tell you what are the most frequent problems and limitations when using a VPN to watch YouTube or Netflix on your devices.

Please note that there are Many options to install a VPN. You will have free and paid alternatives, for example. There are also those with more or fewer servers, different types of encryption or the availability or not of installing them on different platforms. However, with any you use you could run into problems.

Problems with VPN and Streaming

Although you can have problems when using VPN with many services and applications, they are generally more visible when we talk about Streaming. When using platforms like YouTube or Netflix, you will need the connection to be more stable and not have problems. Therefore, you may experience certain limitations.


The first thing you will notice when using a VPN is that the low speed. That is essential when watching streaming content. You may have trouble viewing high-quality videos on YouTube or Netflix. In fact, if we talk about 4K, what platforms usually recommend is having at least 25 Mbps download.

Depending on the VPN you use, as well as the server you connect to, your Internet speed could decrease significantly. You may have problems viewing videos without cuts. Therefore, it is key to choose a good program that can offer you the highest possible quality and avoid annoying cuts.

Improve VPN speed

Access to content

You may also have difficulty accessing YouTube or Netflix content. Why is this happening? For example, you could be using a server in a country where certain YouTube videos cannot appear or a Netflix series that you want to watch from your mobile or computer is not available.

Truly, when you connect through a VPN it is as if you were somewhere else. You are going to browse with the IP of another site. This has its good side, but also the possible limitations if there are restrictions on viewing content in those nations where you are connecting.

App locks

Something similar can happen with the blocking of some applications. It can happen for security, but also because it is not available for a certain location. That will prevent you from using them when connecting to a VPN. You could have problems using common applications from your daily life, such as the bank.

Regarding security, it may happen that a specific program does not work in another country to avoid security problems. This is what happens with some banking applications, but you could also see it with Streaming applications. As for limitations, it may be due to image rights, censorship that may exist in that territory, etc. You can even set up a VPN to watch Netflix on TV.

As you can see, you may have problems when using a VPN to watch streaming content from YouTube or Netflix. It is essential that you always use a reliable program that is safe and works well. This will help you avoid restrictions and not have the typical problems that we have mentioned.

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