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He air-conditioning It is a good ally for the summer months, when the temperature rises. However, it is a device that consumes a lot of electricity. You may notice that the electricity bill increases in these months. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about some accessories that you can use together with the air, with the aim of saving energy. You will be able to maintain the temperature better and thus have to use this device less or at a lower power.

This is something that you will be able to apply regardless of what type of device you use. you will always be able save energy, whether you have a very old air or, on the contrary, it is a very new model. You can follow a guide of good practices and thus manage to maintain a good temperature.

What to wear next to the air

What we are going to look for is to be able to use the air, but at the same time use some accessories that will help keep the temperature better. With this, you will avoid having to turn on this appliance more than necessary and consume less electricity, so you will save on the bill.


A very good complement is use awnings. You can open it in the hours when it is sunniest, to prevent direct light from entering your home. In this way, you will better maintain the temperature. Once night comes and the temperature is lower, you can close it again since it will have fulfilled its function.

If direct sun enters throughout the day, the air will have to work at a higher power to maintain the temperature. In case you are away from home, when you arrive it will be hotter inside and that will force you to use the air or put it at a higher power than if the awning had been there, avoiding this increase in temperature.


Something similar happens with the Blinds. They are another good element that you can combine with air conditioning. You can close the blinds during the hours of the day when it is hotter outside, to prevent that heat from entering your home. You will reduce the temperature inside and, therefore, the air will work at a lower power.

You will even be able to combine the blinds with the awning, as this will further prevent more heat from entering the home. In addition, the blinds are also useful in winter, to prevent cold air from entering outside and reduce the use of air or heating.

automate blinds

Windows with good insulation

Do you have windows with good thermal insulation? This is going to be key to maintaining a good temperature inside the house. You are going to need it to save energy when you put the air in, since, if you have open windows or with slots, hot air will enter from outside and that will cause the interior temperature to rise.

What you should always look for is to achieve the greatest possible insulation. The less outside air enters, the better to save energy when using the air conditioning. You will notice it on the bill, by having to use this device less.

Ventilate at a good time

Ventilate the house it is something necessary. You have to do it at least once a day. However, it is not the same to do it early in the morning than at 2 in the afternoon. What you should look for is a time when the outside temperature is lower, so that your home does not overheat.

Also, if you are lucky and the temperature drops a lot at night, when you ventilate the house you will be able to cool it down. That means that it will take longer to put the air or you will put it at a lower power. Therefore, you will save money on the electricity bill.

As you can see, these are some accessories that you can use with your air conditioning. The objective is to save energy, to be able to have a good temperature and avoid using it at a higher power. It will be very useful in the summer months. If you use home automation, you may need to install Mesh systems so that the coverage reaches better.

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