Protect yourself and surf safely this summer with the best NordVPN promotion

NordVPN is one of the VPN providers (Virtual Private Network, or virtual private network) most famous in the world, since not in vain it has more than 5,500 servers spread across the globe and with a bandwidth greater than 6,730 Mbps, so safe browsing does not have to be synonymous with slow browsing.

Best VPN at the best price – see what NordVPN promotion!

During this summer, NordVPN has enabled an incredible promotion through which you can contract 2 years of service with a 72% discount, so that you can browse safely and be protected for just 2.62 euros per month for 24 months. In fact, the period is longer, because if you hire these two years of service they give you 3 more months completely free.

If you do not want to pay two years in advance, there is no problem, since in their offers they also have an annual plan that carries a 58% discount, and although in this plan they do not have free months and the discount is lower, it still comes out for just 3.93 euros per month.

Why do we recommend NordVPN to you? Because in addition to the fact that with this promotion they have the best price at the moment and that they have one of the most extensive and wide networks to connect you to servers around the world, they have a verified zero logs policy, so your anonymity is guaranteed by contract. There is no way to navigate anonymously with greater security with this provider, and really at the price at which they now have the promotion we consider that if you are concerned about the security of your data, it is an offer that you should not miss.

Finally, it should be noted that with a single account you can have up to 6 devices protected, including PCs (Windows, Linux or MacOS indistinctly), mobiles, tablets and even your Smart TV.

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