photo printers to have your memories on paper

We tend to take photos of any moment that seems worth keeping in memory. The powerful cameras which currently mount most mobile phones, help a lot to do so. And speaking of mobility, these photo printers will often be the perfect complement.

Surely most of you have a cell phone full of Photos, more or less good, that serve as a memory for the future. We take these captures in any situation since thanks to these devices it does not happen like in the past with the reels, that we had to control ourselves more. We now have the possibility of making thousands of these captures at no cost. Likewise, on certain occasions we transfer to paper some of these images that we consider special.

It can also be very useful to print certain photos to give them to someone or simply to keep as a souvenir. For this type of task we have our conventional ink printer, or even sometimes we use the laser technology. But it is interesting to know that for all this that we are telling you, we have at our disposal a series of devices specially designed to print photos. In addition, one of its main characteristics, at least in some models, is the mobility that they provide us.

Photo printers to always carry with you

The reason for this is that they are printers that sometimes even we can carry in the pocket to use them in any situation whenever we need them. If you are interested in one of these products, then we will talk about two photo printers on sale that you can buy now on Amazon. First of all, we will talk about the model Kodak Dock Plus of this well-known firm related to the world of photography.

Actually, we are facing a photo printer that we can use via Bluetooth directly from our mobile based on Android either iOS. This means that we can send any capture that we want to put on paper in a matter of seconds and directly. It has a paper support with a maximum size of 10 x 15 and a tray with a capacity of 8 sheets.

To say that at the moment it is discounted on Amazon by 25%, so we can get hold of this interesting printing machine for 119 euros. But there is still more, since we recommend you take a look at this other model that you can keep in your pocket.

Behind it is another brand more than related to the world of photography such as Polaroid. It is a photo printer of small dimensions that we can comfortably carry in any pocket to take our favorite captures on paper via Bluetooth. For all this, it makes use of sublimation technology and thus gives greater realism to the impressions that we make.

Likewise, and thanks to the sales of the e-commerce giant right now we will be able to get hold of this printer for less than 80 euro.

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