PS5 is going to remove a feature you didn’t know existed (and it says a lot about us)

It is often said that a job well done is always taken for granted and does not generate that need to highlight it, to proclaim it to the four winds while when it is the opposite and we are not satisfied, we throw all our anger on social networks to denounce how bad the food was, how dirty the hotel room was or how little the iron repair has lasted. That is to say, it costs us horrors for someone to get a word of affection and gratitude from us when we see exemplary behavior.

Goodbye to a function that (probably) you do not know

The fact is that since November 2020 we have within the PlayStation 5 ecosystem a function that makes all the sense in the world, especially in this arid world where we use things without giving them value and we hardly stop when we are surprised (for good) by the someone’s behaviour. This is the praise system, which allows users who live together in the online world to leave reviews to build a reputation that precedes us, either as exemplary players or, on the contrary, as kaffirs who burst the fun of what we play.

Well, starting next fall (without specifying a specific date) Sony has announced that it will remove that feature because no one uses it. Or not at least enough critical mass to justify having it active as well as the associated resources. In this way, and as published by the Japanese, “in the fall of 2022, the Praise function will no longer be available for PlayStation 5. This function has not been used as much as we expected, so we are going to redirect our efforts . We encourage users in the community to continue to send each other positive messages.”

How to send praise through PS5?

This ecosystem of praise created by Sony with the best intentions allows us to leave positive evaluations of those good players with whom we fight side by side in any multiplayer title. Whether it’s a FIFA or a Call of Duty (or whatever), if we come across someone friendly, helpful and fun, we can leave a little feedback that it serves for others players know that this is a trustworthy guy that we can trust with our (digital) life. Well, to thank him, all you have to do is send him a compliment.

And you will ask yourself, how is that done? Well, point out, we are going to tell you step by step:

  • At the end of an online game, pay attention to the messages that appear on the screen.
  • You will see the option send praise so press the button that tells you the game.
  • Now you will have to select the player you want to leave a good opinion about.
  • Select the praise you want to send and complete by pressing the key indicated on the screen.

Surely The big problem with this option is that the system does not allow you to send more than one compliment. per game, so sometimes you may consider that evaluating only one is somewhat unfair, especially when it comes to team games where we can get together with three or more users at the same time.

Even so, it is true that few PlayStation 5 players know that they have that tool at hand which could help us to have a fairly approximate idea of ​​the reputation of that player with whom we have just been paired, if he is going to give us problems or not. Because there are some who…

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