QNAP TS-i410X, a compact but full of possibilities industrial NAS

The QNAP TS-i410X is shaping up to be a compact yet capable NAS that has been designed to work seamlessly in harsh environments. This represents a very important value, especially for those companies that need to enjoy the benefits of a next-generation NAS in workspaces that would be unbearable for other teams.

At the design level, the TS-i410X makes it clear, from the beginning, that we are dealing with a high-quality industrial product. This NAS uses a metal chassis that works as passive cooling system, making a fanless build possible. This implies two important advantages, on the one hand we have a totally silent operation, and on the other the problems that can arise when using fans in dusty environments are eliminated.

This new QNAP NAS features the MIL-STD-810H military grade resistance certificationcan work without problems in temperatures of between -40º and 70º Celsiusand allows us to use industrial-grade SSD drives, which have a maximum working temperature of 85º Celsius.

On the hardware side, the QNAP TS-i410X is equipped with a Intel Atom x6425 4 core 4 thread CPU at a maximum of 3 GHz, uses an Intel UHD GPU, supports AES-NI (encryption), mounts 8 GB of RAM, It has 4 GB of Flash memory that offers dual boot protection of the operating system, it allows mounting up to four SATA storage units in 2.5-inch format, it has two RJ45 10GBASE-T connectors, it has four USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports (10 Gbps), it comes with an HDMI 1.4b output and weighs only 3.73 kilograms.


QNAP has confirmed to us that the TS-i410X comes equipped with the QTS 5 operating systemand that is compatible with a wide variety of applications and functions, among which we can highlight Hybrid Backup Syncwhich makes it easy to back up data from a TDS-h2489FU to another QNAP NAS or remote server, eliminating redundant data; VMware and Hyper-V VMs, which offer incremental source backup, global deduplication, and recovery compression capabilities; and with the QuDedup technologywhich eliminates redundant data at the source to save time and minimize our backup costs.

Undoubtedly a very complete ecosystem, but this is not all. The QNAP TS-i410X also supports FileStation, that facilitates the management of our files; q-sync, that allows us to synchronize shared directories and simplify and speed up collaborative work; Qsirch, which is a search engine inspired by Google and that will help us quickly find files, images and music on our NAS; Y Qflingwhich allows us to automate the organization of our files.

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