Grupo Primavera, which has integrated Diez Software, already has a portfolio of 55,000 clients

A few days ago, the Cantabrian company Diez Software announced its integration into the Spring Group. Created by the British investment fund Oakley Capital, this conglomerate of companies specialized in software for professionals is based on a combined turnover of 60 million euros and a portfolio of more than 55,000 clients.

After its purchase by Oakley Capital, Diez Software has moved from the Scientific and Technological Park of Cantabria (Pctcan) to a larger headquarters in the industrial park of Candina and has begun a process of expanding the workforce to double its volume within two years.

Innovation has been the hallmark of Diez Software since its creation in 1999 as the brand SDM Programs from the hand of Pablo Serna, Juan Ignacio García and Rafael Serna. The Cantabrian company has always tried to stay one step ahead of the market to anticipate the needs of its customers. This has happened, for example, with the business of management software for professional consultancies and firms, where it has achieved great penetration thanks to the scalability of its products, which allow any business to incorporate new management tools as they go. needing.

Grupo Primavera, directed by Santiago Solanas, is a conglomerate of companies that, within business software, are dedicated to different niches. Diez Software faces the challenge of growing especially in the market for consulting programs, a segment in which professional firms act as intermediaries between the developer and the end customer, creating a catalog of programs that can be purchased together or individually. Independent modules to directly manage the invoicing, accounting, payroll or taxation of any business.

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Together with Diez Software, which initially provides a portfolio of more than 5,000 clients -1,500 of them professional offices- to the Primavera Group, the other companies that make up the conglomerate are Primavera BSS, Portugal’s leader in software for SMEs with more than 32,000 clients; Ekon, specialized in business management solutions in the cloud, which contributes another 4,000 clients; Contasimple, whose cloud applications have more than 360,000 end users; Billage, which adds another 20,000 users; and Professional Software (Prosoft), leader in Spain in the development of ERP for the construction sector, thanks to its Sigrid and Memphis products.

The race to digitize companies has led the software development sector to grow at a dizzying pace. For the majority of freelancers and for many small and medium-sized companies, the most accessible means of digitization is cloud and pay-per-use software, which allows automating the administrative management of their businesses at low cost and with a great capacity to adaptation to your specific needs.

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