Radeon RX 7900 XT aims to have 20GB of GDDR6 instead of 24

The latest news related to the RX 7000 graphics indicates that AMD would be changing the specifications of the Radeon RX7900XTwhose amount of memory GDDR6 would have been reduced from 24 to 20 gigabyteswhile on the other hand it points to the possible existence of a Radeon RX 7950 XT that would have 24GB of VRAM.

Rumors around the possible capabilities (rather than features) of the RX 7000 are being a bit confusing, so at the official presentation one can expect things to go either way. In AMD they seem to be sure that the 20GB that the RX 7900 XT possibly includes will be enough to face the RTX 4090being able to even surpass it in performance when doing pure rasterization tasks.

The presumed confidence that AMD exudes contrasts with the information that said that RX 7000 would not be a rival for RTX 40. On the other hand, it seems to solidify the possibility that RDNA 3 (the architecture of RX 7000) supposes an important leap when it comes to executing ray tracings. This is practically a forced movement on the part of the red giant, more so seeing that even Intel, waiting for its drivers to mature, has superior technology in that regard.

Due to the alleged reduction in the amount of GDDR6 memory that the Radeon RX 7900 XT will incorporate, It has been speculated on the possible existence of a Radeon RX 7950 XT that would include 24GB of VRAM and that it would be aimed at competing with the GeForce RTX 4090 Ti, but here we return to the field of speculation.

At a technological level, and barring any last-minute surprises, RDNA 3 aims to double the number of SIMD32s inserted into each Computing Unit (UC) within each Workgroup Processor. Each UC was made up of two SIMD32 in the first two generations of RDNA, an amount that will be doubled in the future generation of Radeon graphics. This would allow RX 7000 graphics cards to double the number of Instructions per Clock Cycle (IPC).

Other characteristics of Navi 31, a chip that will be used by the RX 7900 XT, would be 12,288 stream processors, a 384-bit bus, 192MB of Infinite Cache and is expected to offer a single GCD with 48 WGP. For the manufacturing process it is rumored that AMD could choose between the 6nm processes of Samsung and TSMC.

RX 7000 will be officially presented in about a week and a half. At that time we will have enough information about its specifications, although it will be better to wait for the benchmarkers For reference, try the charts to get the full picture of what they really offer.

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