ASUS and MSI advance their first desktops with Intel Arc

Among the most anticipated releases this year are, without a doubt, intel graphics cards. Since the technology announced its entry into this market last year, many expectations have been generated with what Alchemist, the first generation of Intel GPUs, will be able to offer us, and if we can expect it to become a more than worthy rival AMD and NVIDIA, thus bringing even more pace to a sector that, with its two current players, is already quite dynamic.

Although Intel has had to face some problems in the development of its graphics, everything indicates that it is already we will not have to wait too long to see its arrival on the market accelerate. Let us remember that, until now, only systems equipped with Intel Arc graphics, both integrated in mobile and desktop systems, can be purchased in some Asian markets, so its global landing is something more than expected.

And although there are no specific dates yet, it seems that the global arrival of the first desktop systems with Intel Arc graphics is approaching at least two leading technology companies: ASUS and MSI. Both manufacturers would already have their first configurations ready and, in both cases, they are based on Alder Lake, so if we take into account that Raptor Lake will be released in September and that the first chips will hit the market in October, it invites us to think that the launch of these systems with graphics Intel Arc will be produced shortly.

ASUS proposals in this regard are so public that, in fact, they are published on its website. They are, on the one hand, the ASUS ROG Strix GT15 G15, a top of the range for the gaming market that, in the summary of its options for the graphic section, indicates the following: «Up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card or up to an Intel Arc A380 graphics card«. And on the other hand we have the ASUS ExpertCenter D7 Tower D700TD, a team for work environments that also offers options with Intel Arc graphics and NVIDIA.

For its part, MSI has not published anything on its website, but an image has been leaked in which we can see the technical specifications of the equipment that the company would be preparing, a system that, in the graphic section, has NVIDIA options, but also with both an a310 and an a380 Intel Arc.

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