RAM memory from Kingston, Corsair and T-Force with a 20% discount

The Google Chrome browser is the one that consumes the most RAM memory today. For those who use this browser, we have selected several kits of DDR4 RAM at good prices. We have chosen different ram memory kits, so that you can choose what suits you best according to your needs. Note that these RAM memory modules come with up to a 20% discount.

For those who want something cheap and without lighting, we have chosen the Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB. If you want a little more capacity and color, we have the Team Group Xtreem ARGB 16GB. Those who want quality and capacity, we have the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB.

Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB

If you are looking for something cheap, quality and you don’t care about RGB, this HyperX memory kit is your best option. East kit ddr4 It offers us a very good quality and benefits at an extremely adjusted price.

HyperX Fury 8 GB memories are characterized by coming with two 4GB modules each. This allows us to activate the Dual Channel configuration to obtain better performance and features. These memories have a working frequency of 2.666MHz XMP 2.0 compliant. Furthermore, these memories have CL15 latencieswhich is really good.

It also highlights its heatsink, which is black and completely lacks RGB lighting. This heatsink is made of aluminum and is low profile, to avoid compatibility problems with processor heatsinks.

This Kingston DDR4 RAM kit is very good. Note that this memory kit is usually the most common in assemblies due to its good performance and adjusted price.

T-ForceXtreem ARGB 16GB

For those who need something more than the minimum recommended and with RGB, this is your kit. The t-force memories They are of great quality and have a minimalist heatsink but with lighting. It should be noted that the T-Force brand is dedicated to gaming by Team Group, an important memory brand.

Made up this memory kit by two 8 GB modules each, for a total of 16 GB. These memories work at a frequency of 3600MHz and have CL18 latencies. Regarding the heatsink, it has the ARGB technology, which allows to control each LED individually. Of course, these memories offer XMP support.

Not bad at all with this memory kit, featuring highly-bright, customizable ARGB lighting. If you want to have a colorful setup, this is a good option.

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB

This kit is more focused on users who are not only going to play, but also stream or edit photos and/or videos. Corsair offers us a kit of high-quality RAM memories with excellent latencies. In addition, how could it be otherwise, it has RGB lighting.

This kit is made up of four 8 GB modules, for a total capacity of 32 GB. Memories work at a frequency of 3,200MHz with a CL16 latency, which is fine. The heatsink of these memories is made of aluminum and has RGB lighting. Finally, note that these memories support XMP profiles.

A high quality memory kit that also has a good performance heatsink. Corsair is a large component manufacturer and has been in the RAM market for many years.

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