Razer Kaira for PlayStation 5, review

Any gamer or gamer knows that one of the fundamental legs to immerse yourself in a video game is the sound. A crucial point that Razer attends to with a vast catalog of peripherals. One of the last to arrive was the Razer Kaira for PlayStation 5. An entry-level headset with a microphone that seeks to be an option for those lucky enough to have a PlayStation 5 and can get the most out of it.

As soon as we receive this set of Razer Kaira headphones for PlayStation 5, we find a product of great quality as a whole, both for the headphones themselves and for all the elements that we can find. From the packaging itself to the cables through the headphones themselves, they are seen to have a careful design and appear quality. We have found them quite beautiful and, after putting them on, really comfortable and adaptable, which is essential to spend hours and hours of play.

Looking in detail at the helmets themselves, we have a very solid expandable headband, but perfectly adaptable. The extenders, although made of plastic, are thick and look well built so as not to give any kind of problem. For its part, the headphones themselves have rotation in two axes, so their adaptability is total. As for the padding, it is thick enough both in the headphones themselves and in the headband, protected with breathable synthetic fabric with a soft touch. In short, in this sense, we are facing a very convincing finish.

Let’s see now the built-in microphone. In this sense we are not so convinced. And it is that the microphone comes out of the left earphone itself and we have no possibility to rotate it, only to adjust the flexible cable. This can cause us discomfort when we do not want to use it, since having it always in front of us can end up being somewhat annoying. For its part, in terms of sound, it is quite normal, enough to play online or have a videoconference, but perhaps not the most appropriate if we want to get the most out of it or we are very gourmet with audio.

The headphones have a volume button for the microphone, a button to mute the sound and another to change the connection mode from Bluetooth to radio frequency. Certainly enough controls to be able to use comfortably. They also incorporate a USB-C connector for charging. Of course, we would have liked to have quick buttons to be able to pause or advance the music, an understandable lack since we are totally designed for games.

As to connectivity, is very versatile as it has both Bluetooth and radio frequency. This means that it will work on practically any device. If we connect it via Bluetooth, the connectivity is the usual one, pair and that’s it. In addition, it allows high-definition sound connectivity through this interface, so we can listen to good quality sound without cables.

For radio frequency, what we have to use is a USB-C device that, connected to the computer, will offer us sufficient connectivity. And if we do not have USB-C there is no problem, since a converter to the USB connector of a lifetime comes in the box. Of course, the radio frequency connection was somewhat tedious for us since it was difficult to synchronize.


About his autonomyRazer promises that it can last up to 30 hours of operation. We can say that the headphones hold up perfectly until we approach that amount of time without any problem.

When evaluating the distance range in which the helmets work, in our case it is about 10-15 meters in closed spaces. With this we can go to the next room and continue receiving sound, but if we leave a room in between, there we will already have notable cuts. Using the headphones to play this does not seem like a problem to us, but if we are listening to music and want to move around the house, this range of range greatly limits the distance of movement.


Fair sound, improveable with equalization

If in construction quality and comfort of use the Razer Kaira for PlayStation 5 are above average in their price range, in sound quality they are fairer. We have carried out tests by frequencies, and while the most serious ones have convinced us a lot, medium and high have been less defined.

For this reason, we have dedicated a good deal of time to test your equalization. Something that by the way we can do with a very simple application to use. Thanks to her and with some changes, we have managed to improve it a certain level.

If we are not very demanding in terms of sound, of course they are headphones that will be worth it. If we want them to play multiplayer games, they will also work perfectly. But if we want to enjoy the soundtracks of the games or simply listen to music, we must say that we will have to jump in level (and in price) to the dedicated Kaira PRO for PlayStation or other general-use models such as the remarkable Razer Opus that we had the opportunity to analyze.

Spatial sound on PlayStation 5

As headphones marked as compatible for the new Sony console, we wanted to test the new spatial sound technology in console games. And it is that as we could already see in the analysis of PlayStation 5, the inclusion of the Tempest Engine chip allows us to perceive spatial sound in stereo headphones.

Here these Razer Kaira for PlayStation 5 have convinced us more since we can live this 3D experience, even with a reduced sound level. Of course it is possible that with the 3D effect for television, if you have a television with a decent sound system, you may enjoy the experience more.


These Razer Kaira for PlayStation 5 put at our disposal a set with excellent qualities in terms of materials and construction. They offer us total versatility both in their connectivity and in their adaptability when using them. Its sound quality is adjusted to its sale price in some frequencies and for tasks such as listening to music or soundtracks. If we only want them to play, as is their main objective, they are enough.

The headphones are available on the Razer web portal priced at 109 euros. They can also be purchased at retailers such as Amazon. We already said that the manufacturer has a wide catalog of peripherals and you can also opt for the Kaira X at half the price or for the Kaira Pro that in the range of 200 euros are an appreciable level jump compared to the analyzed model.

Final assessment


The Razer Kaira for PlayStation 5 Wireless Headset is presented as a set of great quality and an excellent presentation. The sound quality is more adjusted to its price range around 100 euros.

Design and build quality9.5

Installation and software8.5

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