Read: this Trojan affects all software, Fedora 35 already available and more

Whether we take certain precautionary measures or not, we are sometimes exposed to the different types of viruses that surround our computers and data. Logically, if we make good use of Internet or we install an antivirus on our PC, the dangers are much less, but they are still there.

In fact, today, as the years have passed, these malicious codes have become more dangerous and increasing in number. But to protect us there is that security company that advances in its projects especially indicated to protect us against all this. However, on many occasions it seems that the technology used by cybercriminals is ahead of the security companies.

A new Trojan affects most of today’s software

We tell you all this because recently a study shows that almost all source code is vulnerable to a specific type of attack. This could even translate into large-scale attacks. This flaw in question was discovered by researchers at the University of Cambridge and has become known as Trojan Source.

Actually, it is a Trojan that affects current code compilers. These are key when developing new programs. They are actually responsible for ensuring that the source code written by us runs on computers. The attack relies on using Unicode control characters to reorder tokens in source code when encoding. These code-level attacks, as the study unfortunately shows, can be carried out with ease. In fact, almost all compilers have this bug that, properly exploited, allows them to be hijacked for malicious purposes.

The Trojan Source vulnerability is also known to affect almost all computer programming languages. Now it only remains for the corresponding companies to implement their own defenses.

You can now take advantage of the new features of Fedora 35

More and more users are eagerly awaiting new versions of their favorite distributions of the open source system, Linux. This is something that has just been done now thanks to the new Fedora 35 that has just seen the light of day. One of its main characteristics is that it comes to us running with GNOME 41. Thanks to that we get the new Connections app, an improved software center, and some much more useful multitasking controls.

fedora 35

This will also help laptop users thanks to its improved touchpad gestures, new power profiles and mobile data settings. We will also find many more novelties both at a functional level, as well as interface and security.

On such a day as today the World Wide Web is made public

The Internet for many users around the world is an important part of their lives, but like almost everything, it also had a beginning in the past. All this several decades ago, but in its beginnings everything that surrounds the internet had nothing to do with what we find today, as you can imagine. In fact, we tell you all this because today is the anniversary of one of the key moments of the network.

Specifically, we refer to the fact that on a day like today, November 3, but last year 1989, the world Wide Web. Surely this is a term that sounds quite familiar to you at the moment but that in its day was a very special launch for the growth of the internet. At that same time, the first internet service provider called The World with the peculiarity that it is still in operation today.

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