Real-time analysis: why it will rid you of Phishing

Real-time techniques, the best defense against Phishing

A group of security researchers from Cyren Incident and Response has shown how they were able to detect 88% of the attempted Phishing attacks through real-time techniques. An example of this is machine learning, which allows you to detect when an email may contain malicious links or any file that is really a trap and puts security at risk.

But in addition to this, another 6% were detected through threat intelligence techniques. The other 6% were suspicious messages that required human analysis to confirm detection.

To carry out this analysis they have taken into account almost 20,000 threats via email. The first thing is that they have shown that today it is one of the biggest problems we face in cybersecurity. The second thing is that hackers are constantly refining their techniques and, for example, sneak Phishing URLs into JavaScript files to avoid traditional antivirus.

Therefore, defensive strategies in real time are very important. They have shown that it is essential to prevent us from falling into the phishing trap and our passwords are compromised. This reduces the probability that we end up downloading a malicious file or clicking where we should not.

Tips to avoid Phishing

But what else can we do to avoid Phishing? The truth is that we cannot depend only on the security measures of antivirus or any real-time tool, as we have seen. It is important to achieve a sum of all this to really be protected.

The most important thing is the common sense. We must be aware at all times of what e-mail we are opening, who is sending it, what content it has, etc. We should never click on a link if we do not have complete assurance that it will not be a danger. Neither download files.

But in addition to that, having the updated equipment can help a lot to avoid security problems derived from Phishing. Many attacks of this type can take advantage of vulnerabilities in systems. We must have the latest versions, with all the patches available. Only in this way will we increase protection and be safer when navigating.

In short, real-time or machine learning techniques are essential today to detect Phishing. They can help prevent us from falling into the trap and clicking on one of these malicious messages. However, it is always advisable to exercise caution, maintain common sense and not make mistakes. For example, you have to have safe short links, otherwise it could be just another scam.

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