Resident Evil 4 Remake for consoles: where to buy it cheaper?

It is one of the most anticipated releases of the remainder of March, a resident evil 4 that has suffered, as in the case of the first three deliveries, a remake one of those who make a time, capable of updating an old classic to current modes and technologies to breathe back a good number of years of validity. The play has gone so well for Capcom in the past, that no one doubts that it will be another success.

Physical format, how much I love you!

The luck we have is that, at least in the case of consoles, We will always have the physical format to have good offers when buying any title. AND Resident Evil 4 Remakealthough it has not yet reached the stores, it will be one of the ones that is a little cheaper than usual and, as if that were not enough, we are not only talking about a standard edition of the game (which is also), but a very special one that always makes life happy for fans of this saga of survival horror.

Indeed, the offer that we bring you today has Resident Evil 4 Remake on PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X|S with a discount of 14% more than interesting, in an edition that includes a Steelbook, that is, a metal box where we can keep the title of the Japanese and proudly display it as a trophy for years to come. It is a very common practice at Capcom that, in some stores and in a limited way, it offers this extra that we normally do not end up using except to have it in a prominent place on the shelf, clearly visible.

Resident Evil Remake Steelbook.

Two different editions with discount

The establishment that has already put this game on sale is MediaMarkt, where You can look for the offer on its official website Through the links that we leave you below, which have to do with the versions that add that Steelbook that we were talking about before:

However, if you want to get the normal edition, what Capcom calls Lenticular, without the Steelbook, then the discount offers are as follows, also at MediaMarkt:

The game It will officially arrive next March 24, 2023 and, as we have already mentioned in other articles, its action takes place, or is inspired, in a kind of rural setting in our country, where it seems that the Japanese wanted to base themselves for one of their best-known classics of the last two decades.

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