RGB, extra wide seats and leather: this is the Trust gaming chairs

Trust is one of the most well-known peripheral and accessory brands among PC users, since it touches several different fields at the same time and one of them is that of gaming chairs where it has a wide variety of models. Of all of them we have highlighted a few models of the manufacturer, which we are going to describe one by one, so that you do not have problems when choosing which chair best suits your budget and needs.

Trust GXT 708R Rest, ideal for loaded backs

Every gaming chair has to be designed for maximum comfort during use, which means that it has to be designed so that its prolonged use does not become neck and back pain for the user. The Trust GXT 708R Resto gaming chair has a totally ergonomic design to prevent injuries, cervical and lumbar pain thanks to the two removable and adjustable cushions.

Also for total comfort we can adjust the backrest at an angle from 90º to 180º, so we can place the chair in a completely horizontal position. With regard to mobility, the Trust GXT 708R Resto gaming chair can rotate up to 360º on itself thanks to the wheels that are integrated as standard.

We can adjust the chair in height thanks to its class 4 gas lift and his metallic structure provides it with great resistance, since it allows it to withstand a user of up to 150 Kilograms of weight and 2 meters of height. So it is a gaming chair with a resistant structure.

The recommended retail price for the Trust GXT 708R Resto gaming chair is € 249.99.

Trust GXT 716 Rizza, for those who want RGB

The second Trust gaming chair model that we highlight is the GXT 716, which stands out for the implementation of RGB lighting in the chair itself. Since they have integrated RGB tubes inside, which can grant up to 12 different colors, which can be configured with up to 350 RGB combinations or modes different with the remote control that comes standard. In addition, the chair will always be illuminated as it does not need external power from the PC, since it has an integrated external battery.

As for its general specifications, they are the same as in the previous model, since it has the same type of metal structure capable of supporting a person with up to 2 meters in height and 150 kg of weight sitting in the chair and the gas lift of Level 4. What they differ is that it does not include the removable cushions of the GXT 708R Resto model, this and the RGB lighting being the difference between the two chair models.

If this gaming chair with RGB lights catches your eye, you can find it for € 299 recommended retail price.

Gaming chair for tight pockets, Trust GXT 704 Ravy

For the tightest pockets and that therefore cannot be spent more than 200 euros in the purchase of a gaming chair, the bet on the part of Trust is its GXT 704 Ravy gaming chair.

This does not mean that it falls short in performance, since it also has a level 4 gas lift and can support users weighing up to 150 kg and with a height between 160 and 190 cm, but unlike the rest of wheelchairs. this article does not have a metal frame, but in wood. So we are facing a chair designed for the youngest users of the house and therefore do not need a chair with high resistance due to weight and height. Therefore, it is ideal for children and adolescents, as well as adults who do not physically require a chair with a more resistant structure.

This Trust gaming chair for tight budgets can be found by € 179.99.

712 Resto Pro, the best GXT gaming chair from Trust

As with desserts, the best is for the end and we have decided to reserve the GXT 712 Resto Pro for the end of this article and believe us that if you have read this far it is worth it, since we are facing the best Trust gaming chair.

This is a high-caliber gaming chair designed in polyurethane leather, so it not only has class, but also no animal has been injured in the process as it is a totally vegan fiber. All this seasoned with golden thread that give it a suede chair look, which gives it a sober and elegant appearance, but every premium gaming chair not only stands out for its aesthetics and the choice of this type of material makes it protected against possible liquid falls.

Comfort is the most important thing in a chair of this type and that is why Trust has added two cushions, one for the lumbar and one for the cervical. In addition to the fact that the backing is totally tiltable up to 180º, so we are facing a chair designed for the comfort of the user. Apart from that supports up to 150 kg of weight like the rest of the chairs that we have discussed in this article, but with a plus of resistance thanks to its fully metal base, which will make the Trust GXT 712 Resto Pro a gaming chair that will give you many years of use.

But these features have a cost and that is because it is the most expensive of the Trust GXT gaming chairs, since its recommended selling price for the Trust GXT 712 Resto Pro gaming chair is € 399.

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