Rockstar Games patents the development of very realistic NPC's

Rockstar Games has always been known for being one of the most ambitious companies . It is not enough for him to launch the most successful video game in history, since GTA V continues to sell a lot despite having seen the light in three different generations.

Precisely with the aim of improving more if this saga, as well as others of the stature of Red Dead Redemption, has just signed a transcendental record for the video game industry sector. This is a completely new patent that will be based on the NPCs.

That is, it will only affect those characters that the player is in the title in question. We are not only referring to passersby, but also the vehicles that will be driven in a much more realistic way .

Rockstar Games has indicated that is its main objective: to provide more realism to each character that the gamer ends up running into throughout his game.

It is convenient highlight the fact that behind the signing of the document are thinking minds of the stature of Simon Parr and David Hynd . The first is who is in charge of the AI, while the second is the company’s chief technology officer.

Although the record dates from the end of last year, the news has not transpired until now. It is owned by Take-Two, belonging to Rockstar Games, so this technology would probably also be evidenced in an improvement of the NPCs of the company that also has another powerful subsidiary : 2K Games.

More quantity and realistic behavior

Rockstar Games patenta el desarrollo de NPC’s muy realistas - 1

The descriptive text of the new patent shows the improvements that Rockstar Games wishes to implement in its next video games . The first is summarized in avoiding empty NPC areas.

Fortunately, it is not a company that is characterized by forgetting certain areas of its mapping. Even so, even the most current title is lacking in this regard, especially due to technological limitations of the current generation.

The technology it patents now Rockstar Games optimizes resources to the maximum so that, on screen, a greater number of NPCs can appear. This will be palpable especially in pedestrian crossings and in other very crowded key points, such as a public park and the beach.

In statements by workers of the company itself it is mentioned that, Beyond passers-by, the presence of vehicles will be enhanced. They not only refer to the number of cars, motorcycles and others, but also to avoid their repetition.

It is precisely something that usually happens in all GTAs . When you see a car, it almost always appears almost instantly, which reduces the veracity of a title that, although it is true that it is not a simulator, aims to convey to the player the feeling of being in a free and virtual world.

In turn, the linearity of the NPCs they drive will become history thanks to this new patent. Not all cars will behave in the same way . Some will respect the traffic rules, but others will be more to their own. So much so that if the player at that moment advances correctly through a pedestrian crossing, he may be run over.

In all the statements one word has been repeated: conventional. The number one objective of Rockstar Games is to forget about the rather traditional NPC, which was very limited by the little existing technology until now.

So, they will put all the meat on the grill to develop NPCs that are varied, credible and very dynamic. Everything seems to indicate that by the launch of GTA VI this new technology could already be applied.

  • Game: Grand Theft Auto 5

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