Run Android apps and games on Windows with APK files

In general, when we use our mobile we do not usually see the APK file when we install an application since this is usually done directly from the application store, so it is responsible for carrying out the entire unpacking and installation process by itself and we only see the progress of the installation. there are also many websites that offer APK files for download.

However, We must use them with caution. since we must be careful when downloading them, because as happens with EXE files, they can contain malware and be easily distributed. Keep in mind that this type of file has not passed the security filters of the official Google application store (Play Store), so it is important that we make sure that its origin is safe in the event that go to open one on our PC.

Emulators to open APK files and install them

As we have mentioned, to be able to open APK files in Windows we will need specific programs that allow us to open it, it is what we know as emulators. With them, along with the possibility of opening APK files, we can install them and make them work on the Microsoft operating system.


This emulator is one of the easiest ways to open APK files and get apps working on Windows. It practically takes care of running a complete and modified Android operating system, from which we can access the Play Store and download the content. In fact, what BlueStacks does is pretend to be an Android device by showing up in the list of Google Play devices. We can download it for free from its website.

BlueStacks interface

Once downloaded and executed on our computer, BluStacks loads with a window on our desktop and from there we will have access to various categories of applications for which we can use Google Play, in the same way that we would do it from our mobile phone, to download the application , so we will have to log in with our user account. The interface is extremely simple and intuitive, helped because it is in Spanish.

BlueStacks install APK

Another option to open APK files is to download it from any website and then drag the file to the program’s desktop or click directly on the Install APK button found on the toolbar to the right of the interface and which can be accessed also using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B. This will open the File Explorer, so we only have to look for the path where we have it saved, select it and click on the Open button.

BlueStacks select APK file


It is another Android emulator for PC with which we will be able to open APK files. It has a fairly simple interface, so it can be used by all types of users, both beginners and advanced. It will allow us to access the Play Store to install applications, as well as being able to directly open the APK files that we have saved on our computer. We can download NoxPlayer for free from this link to its official website.

NoxPlayer Play Store

The program is mainly used to run Android games since it has different functions and features focused on optimizing the user experience and its fluidity, since it has its own dedicated graphics engine to improve its execution. In addition, it has features that include the ability to change the keyboard keys for a more comfortable and personalized experience. Once we run the program, its main menu appears, which has an interface tremendously similar to that of BluStacks. We will have the possibility to access and log in to the Play Store.

NoxPlayer add APK

We can also open APK files by simply dragging and dropping it on its interface or by using the “Apks Instl” button found in its toolbar located in the right panel or by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 6. This will open a Windows Explorer window from where you can select the APK file and click Open.

NoxPlayer open APK file


It is another of the most used Android emulators for Windows today, which is mainly focused on video games, and from which we can open any APK file and install it in a very simple and fast way. It has an intuitive interface and in Spanish that will remind us a lot of our mobile phone. To get started, simply download MEmu for free from this link to the developer’s website.

MEmu Play Store

Once downloaded and installed, its main menu will appear. From it we can download the APK files either from the Play Store itself, by logging in with our username and password or through its own MEmu application store.

MEmu open APK file

In the same way as in the previous cases, if we have downloaded our APK file in Windows, all we have to do is drag and drop it on its interface to be able to open it. We also have a button to open APK files located in the toolbar on the right panel. Pressing it opens Windows Explorer so that we can select it and click Open to run it.

MEmu select APK file

Programs to open APK files and view their content

Beyond Android emulators for Windows, we can also make use of other applications with which we can open APK files and see all the content they incorporate.


We are talking without a doubt about the most popular and used program to compress and decompress files, characterized by its great speed and excellent performance. Especially used to decompress RAR and ZIP files, although it is also compatible with other formats such as APK files which we will be able to open on our computer. We can download it from their website.

WinRAR open APK files

Once downloaded and installed, all you have to do is run it and navigate through its interface until you locate the APK file, double-click on it to open it. In this way we can have access to all the files that are included. If we wish, we can also unzip it, for which we click on the Extract in folder, which we find in the toolbar at the top.

WinRAR extract APK files


This free program for Windows has been specially designed to give us the opportunity to open APK files from our computer and view all its content. In this way it will be possible for us to check all the details of this such as the name, its version, size, permissions that it requires or screen resolution. We can download it for free from this link to its repository on GitHub.

apk-info select apk file

From here we download a ZIP file, which we must decompress to access its executable. It is a portable application so it does not require installation, so we only need to run its APK-Info.exe file. Once this is done, a Windows Explorer window will appear for us to select the APK file that we want to open.


Once this is done, a window will appear with all the available information of the file that we just opened. In the right part of the window we will find a toolbar from where we can open another file, analyze the file through VirusTotal, rename it or see the text information.

Pages to download APK files

If we want to download APK files to be able to open or install them in Windows, we can use different web pages, where we can find everything we need.


It is possibly one of the most popular and used APK download websites. It stands out for a platform with a rigorous security policy, since they are in charge of verifying that the file is valid before publication. This makes its large database up-to-date and from it you can download all kinds of games and applications.


All the applications that we find on this website are signed by their developers, which indicates that they have not been modified, thus avoiding the possibility that they may include any type of malware. In it, we can find APKs of both free and paid applications and games.

If we want to access the entire catalog of APK files that APKMirror has, all we have to do is click on this link to its official website.


This is another great option if we want to download APK files, since we can find almost any application, whether free or paid, in its database, which are constantly updated. It has strong security measures that must pass each file before they are published, so we can download it with the certainty that they are safe and have not been modified.


Once we access its page we find a simple interface where all the APK files are sorted by categories so that it is very easy to locate the one we need. It will only be necessary to click on the desired application and download it to our computer in a matter of seconds.

To be able to download any game or application from APKPure, just click on this link to its website.


This website has become a reliable alternative to the Google Play Store from where you can search, upload and download APK files. It was one of the pioneers in terms of download pages and currently has more than 300 million users worldwide. As a platform for user-generated content, on Aptoide everyone can have their own app store, while developers find an alternative way to distribute their works. That is why it is one of the best ways to obtain these files on our computer.


It has a fairly personalized interface where we can find the APKs of applications and games sorted by categories. All content uploaded to the Aptoide app store, whether from users or developers, is scanned and compared to other stores in the app store ecosystem to rule out any threat, so generally , the download of these files must be quite safe.

To access all the content that Aptoide has, just click on this link to its official website.

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