Wonder Book: dV Giochi announces the release date of the game

DV Games announced in recent days, with a press release, the Wonder Book release date, cooperative board game anticipated a few weeks ago with a teaser trailer from the same Umbrian publisher.

Here are the new details and the official Wonder Book release date

Wonder Book is a narrative-based cooperative game, where the game board is a three-dimensional pop-up book. One chapter after another, players will discover the twists and turns of the adventure set in the fantastic world of Oniria, and will reveal the spectacular interactive components of the game plan.

The kingdom, an idyllic place populated by an ancient civilization of dragons, is now shaken by tumultuous conflicts. A group of adventurous kids have unearthed an ancient tome buried under the dust in an abandoned tower. The fate of Oniria is now in their hands!

The game is divided into 6 scenarios, each consisting of a pre-sorted deck of cards which include the game rules, the story and the challenges to be faced. Chapter after chapter, players will explore new parts of the three-dimensional pop-up and discover new details of the setting and implications of the plot.


The players must follow the instructions of the game turns and pursue the goal indicated in the Objective card.

Any hero can accomplish three actions per turn, including moving and fighting. He will be able to use the skills, collect the Sparks of Magic to perform special actions, interact with the cards and with the pop-ups scattered on the board.

Once the hero phase is over, a Wyrm card will determine the moves, attacks and number of new enemies that will be spawned by the dark vortex.

The game is based on an easy-to-learn set of mechanics and each scenario offers a varied and surprising experience. Players will find themselves exploring, fighting, solving puzzles, looking for clues and more.

Thanks to the book’s hidden pop-up contraptions and branching storyline, Wonder Book offers an original, engaging and ever-evolving gaming experience.

Each scenario is an adventure strewn with narrative crossroads and fearsome enemies; during the game each hero will be able to acquire new skills and enhance their talents.

Wonder Book it was designed by two young and eclectic talents in the field of contemporary game design, Martino Chiacchiera and Michele Piccolini, and was illustrated by one of the most respected illustrators in the board game industry, Miguel Coimbra.

There Wonder Book release date was set for next autumn, more precisely to October 2021.

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