SACEM claims royalties from donors, but you are not obliged to pay

SACEM claims royalties from short-term lessors. All seasonal rentals are concerned and a package is even offered by the organization. But be careful, you don’t have to pay them.

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It’s a big and huge mess that has been going on for several days for all the owners who put their accommodation for seasonal rental. Officers of the SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers) have become accustomed to carrying out checks to get to the locations concerned. These latter then claim copyright and a sum of 224 euros to be paid due to the presence of a television, radio or CD player in the accommodation in question. In fact, SACEM is absolutely right. But this actually only applies under certain conditions.

SACEM even offers an annual fee of 198 euros. Owners of seasonal rentals who make a television, radio or CD player available to their customers and travelers would thus be subject to it. The organization goes even further and does not hesitate to brandish the threat of a fine of 300,000 euros in the event of non-payment of these copyrights. So don’t panic and think twice before paying the amount. Because this only applies in reality under certain conditions.

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SACEM claims royalties from the owners of seasonal rentals, you are not obliged to pay them

First, you should know thatno SACEM agent has the right or authorization to enter your home. This remains the representative of a private company, and it has no support from any public authority to enter your home. As for the threat of a fine of 300,000 euros in the event of refusal to comply, you can also refuse it. Lawyer Jean-Denis Lefeuvre even spoke publicly on Twitter to concretely explain things to know.

According to him, the owners of seasonal rentals are not subject to the copyrights of SACEM. The man specifically indicates that “only the forced sound system of a room receiving third parties can be,” such as a restaurant that would broadcast the radio throughout the room, imposing artistic production on customers. The lawyer also indicates that only a hotelier who owns a satellite dish whose signal is broadcast on all televisions must pay royalties. If you have received a letter from SACEM or a surprise visit from an agent, you are therefore in fact not obliged to pay the royalties.

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