Samsung’s new Smart Monitors will be too familiar

Déjà vu is defined as a type of recognition paramnesia that makes us believe that we have experienced a present event before. An experience that seems that we have already experienced, but deep down, it is not real and is a product of our imagination. Considering this definition, the new samsung monitors they are not a deja vu. They are reminiscent of Apple’s most recent iMac M1, and a lot. But, removing this resemblance from the equation… what can these new devices offer us?

Samsung gives the spark of color to smart monitors

The new Samsung monitors have taken great care of the design. So much so that some directly consider that the Koreans have been inspired too much by the Cupertino company. The Samsung SmartMonitor M8 It goes a little further than the monitor concept that we have known all our lives, since it comes with its own pre-installed operating system to use applications such as YouTube or Netflix, to give a few examples. A version of Tizen for monitors that matches the capabilities of this device to those of a Smart TV, with the difference that the M8 does not have an antenna input.

Technical characteristics of the Samsung SmartMonitor M8

samsung smart monitor m8 green.jpg

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is designed to take the top spot in its product family, above the M5 and M7. This new member of the Samsung monitor family has a huge display panel. 32 inches with 4K resolution. The panel has a brightness of 400 nits, which promises to regulate itself automatically, collecting information from ambient light through its own sensors. The screen has a contrast of 3000:1 and support for HDR10 +, as well as a color space that guarantees to cover 99% of the sRGB spectrum. The refresh rate of this new equipment will remain at 60 Hz, with a response time of 4 milliseconds.


On the other hand, the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 has quite a few connectivity options and peripherals. It comes with a pair of 5W speakers integrated, connectivity WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 and microHDMI connectivity, as well as a pair of USB-C connectors. The monitor comes with its own remote. In addition, we will be able to give voice commands to the monitor thanks to the compatibility with the SmartThings software.

Ultra-slim design, color and magnetic webcam

samsung smart monitor m8 colors

The great charm of this new family of Samsung monitors is its ultra slim design and the possibility of choosing the color that we like the most and that best suits our desktop. Is available in four colors: white, pink, blue and white, in pastel tones and very much in line with what Apple introduced with its iMacs a few months ago.

Another very interesting point is the camera. The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 has its own webcam, which comes with the monitor, with 1080p resolution. Instead of putting a notch or a larger frame, the camera attaches to monitor frame magnetically. In this way, we can make high-quality video calls, either using a computer or through the applications that we can download and install on TizenOS.

Price and availability

samsung smartmonitor m8

At the moment, the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is already available for reservation. Only its price is known in the United States, where it will be launched at a price of $729. We assume that it will cost a similar figure in euros and will arrive very soon

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