Sandman fan? Do not miss these other series of its creator

The Serie Sandman It has been a pleasant surprise for both fans and those who were unaware of the adventures of the lord of dreams. It is true that, as usual, you can get the odd snag, but in general it has convinced the critics and the audience enough for us not to stop talking about it. If you are one of those who have already drunk all the episodes of him, it is likely that a question has arisen: are there more stories of the creator of him out there? And the answer is yes. Neil Gamancreator of the cult comics of this particular character, has a long career of titles, some of which have been adapted and you can see right now in various streaming platforms.

the creator of stories fantastic Neil Gaiman has in his bibliography an infinity of novels, short stories and comics. That means that “The Sandman” is far from his only great story, thus counting on other proposals that have also been adapted for TV without many knowing that the English writer was behind it. These are the most outstanding.

good omens

Based on Gaiman’s novel of the same name (written by the way with Terry Pratchett), good omens tells us the story of an angel and a devil trying to prevent the end of the world. David Tennant and Michael Sheen are the protagonists of a 6-episode miniseries that only premiered in 2019 and has quite a few fans, among other things, because of the good adaptation of the novel.

You can see it on Amazon Prime Video.

american gods

Gaiman is into gods (we don’t need to assure you, right?) and American Gods is yet another proof of that. In this story we will see a great battle between Old and New Gods, with Shadow Moon, an ex-con who just got out of prison in the middle of all the fuss. The series premiered in 2017 and had 3 seasons until it was unfortunately cancelled.

You can also watch it on Amazon Prime Video.


Yes, although many are unaware of it, the popular series Lucifer It is also based on a comic strip by Neil Gaiman -in this case a spin-off of «The Sandman» comic itself.«. This time, the Lord of Hell has grown tired of his life in the dark and has decided to retire to none other than Los Angeles, where he runs a nightclub called Lux. Starring Tom Ellis, the series had 3 seasons broadcast on Fox that passed without pain or glory. After that, the great platform of the red N adopted it, producing a fourth that was a boom at the audience level. So much so that a fifth and a sixth season were prepared that gave definitive closure to the story.

You can watch the series on Netflix.

Bonus: Stardust

It’s not a TV series but a movie, but we are going to leave it to you as an extra in case you also want to give it a try. The film, starring Claire Danes and Charlie Cox, tells the story of a young man who wants to capture a star to offer it to his beloved. The fantasy film was released in 2007 and without being anything transcendent, it was not badly received by critics either.

You can rent it in the Apple TV +, Amazon Prime Video or Google Play catalogs, among others.

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