Kioxia markets the USB TransMemory U366 and its new line of microSD cards

Kioxia has announced the launch in Europe of its latest developments in storage for consumption and specifically the TransMemory U366 USB flash drive and its new EXCERIA PLUS series microSD memory cards that we are going to review today. And it is that Kioxia, the company formerly known as Toshiba Memory, continues to expand its product catalog by offering «solutions to store our digital way of life«.

Kioxia TransMemory U366

It is a new external flash storage device connected to USB ports. This type of device that we know as pendrives they are very useful and they should not miss any user. They are used for personal or professional file storage or backups and also to create bootable drives capable of installing / updating operating systems, security solutions for persistent malware, or maintenance drives to find and resolve computer problems.

Although the name may sound like the U365 that we analyzed a few months ago, the TransMemory U366 is an independent line who bets on a elegant metal body and an opening to insert it into a key ring. Its dimensions (39 x 12.2 x 4.5 mm) and weight (6 g) allow you to carry it anywhere in a pocket and connect it to a huge number of computers by using a port as extended and compatible as USB.

The unit uses a USB Type-A connector and is Plug & Play, so it will be perfectly recognized as soon as it is connected to any equipment. The default internal connection interface is USB 3.2 Gen 1 Super Speed, which offers a maximum speed in sequential reading suitable for any use: 150 Mbytes per second. It is backward compatible with the standard (up to USB 2.0) and officially on Windows and Mac operating systems, although it will also work on Linux or mobile devices with adapters.

Kioxia Memories

Kioxia TransMemory U366 has a five-year warranty and is available in Spain at retailers such as PcComponentes, Fnac or Carrefour, in four versions depending on their storage capacity: 16, 32, 64 and 128 Gbytes.


Another of Kioxia’s novelties comes from its line of microSD memory cards, the most popular variants of Secure Digital (SD) and as USB another standard of great popularity for its enormous versatility, used in personal computers, smart phones, photographic or action cameras, drones, tablets, GPS, portable consoles and any device that need the benefits of this removable and external storage standard.

Kioxia markets the USB TransMemory U366 and its new line of microSD cards 31

The new EXCERIA PLUS are microSDXC cards that comply with the specifications of the format UHS-I and U3, to deliver sequential read speeds of up to 100 Mbytes per second and writes of up to 85 MB / s. They are also compatible with Video Speed ​​Class 30 (V30), a performance standard for 4K video recording, and meet the specifications of the Application Performance Class 4K, allowing you to store and run Android applications on microSD cards.

These cards are certified to the IPX7 standard for protection against water, withstand drops of up to 5 meters, resist electrostatic discharge and comply with the ISO 7816-1 standard for protection against the usual X-rays when passing through transportation centers.

Kioxia sells the USB TransMemory U366 and its new line of microSD cards 33

The Kioxia EXCERIA PLUS have a five year warranty and are available in a wide variety of storage capacities: 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 Gbytes and the greater of 1 Tbyte. Along with the cards is included an SD adapter for use in cameras or PCs. They are available at retailers such as PcComponentes currently on sale at a very low price, only 10 euros for the 32 Gbyte version.

Kioxia markets the USB TransMemory U366 and its new line of microSD 35 cards

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