Save almost 200 euros in these programs to take care of your files

If we carry out a good maintenance of our operating system and its corresponding applications, its lifetime will increase, as well as optimize its operation. However, if we misuse it and do not take minimal care, Windows will end up seriously damaged, something that could affect our personal information stored.

Take advantage of these software offerings at Fanatical

If we take a look at certain sectors of the software that will help us keep the system, its programs and data up to date, we will see that we have a multitude of alternatives at hand. Many times the solutions software they are free for the maintenance of the operating system, although if we want to go one step further we will usually need to make a small financial investment.

We tell you all this because in these same lines we are going to talk about a series of programs on offer that will surely be very interesting. These belong to a well known software developer as O&O Software. This is a series of interesting offers that you can take advantage of and save almost 200 euros in programs.

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In addition, these applications will be very useful on your computer with Windows to maintain the health of the same, as well as that of our personal data. Specifically, we are talking about two independent sets of programs made up of two applications each. Therefore, below we are going to detail a little more what you can get at the moment in total for less than 10 euros, all from this link.

Save almost 200 euros with these programs from O&O Software

As we mentioned, you will find two sets of applications that you can purchase. In the event that you decide to buy only the first package, you will have to pay only 4.90 euros for the following titles:

  • Defrag 24: here we find a software focused on defragmentation of disk drives. This is something that on many occasions will help us improve Windows performance. In addition, it increases the useful life of hard drives and provides greater security for our data. Therefore, this is an application that will help us improve the Redmond operating system and its disk drives.
  • DiskImage 16: also for 4.90 euros we can do with O&O DiskImage, a software to make backup copies of files and complete units. In this way we will keep all our data and programs safe in case something happens to our team. In addition, the program has a multitude of customizable functions that will even allow us to ignore and automate the process.

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These are the first two programs that we find in the package that will cost us less than 5 euros. but at the same time for a price of 9.90 euros, we will have the possibility of adding two other software solutions which we will describe below:

  • SafeErase 16: on the one hand, we find this application that is responsible for removing confidential data from disks so safely. This is because, once the files have been deleted through this application, it is no longer possible to rebuild them. This will serve as a security system in the event that we sell or give the computer to another person.
  • DiskRecovery 14: to finish, we can take advantage of the advantage of this other program. It is responsible for searching for and recovering files and folders data that have been accidentally deleted or as a result of a software error. Therefore, this is a program that search for lost data in each sector of the hard disk or USB memory for later recovery.

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