Save time every day! Automate these tasks at home in a simple way

Automate tasks with home automation and save time

The time is gold. That’s what a teacher I had always said and it’s a great truth. We live in a hurry, with time counted for almost everything. For this reason, taking advantage of technology to free ourselves from certain tasks or to be able to automate them to save a few minutes each day is very interesting.

Washing machine or dishwasher ready when you need it

Something that you can do thanks to home automation is to automate tasks of household appliances such as the washing machine or dishwasher. Maybe you don’t want to wait for the dishes to be cleaned or the clothes to be ready to take them out of the washing machine. Even if you are away from home you could take advantage of the time.

You can schedule the washing machine or dishwasher to run at a certain time. You just have to get everything ready. In this way, when you get home you will have everything ready without having to wait. Even from your mobile, if for example you see that the sun has risen and you want to put the clothes to dry when you get home, you could activate the washing machine.

Turn kitchen appliances on or off

You will be able to do the same with many electrical appliances that you use day after day in the kitchen. A clear example is the coffee maker, if you like to drink coffee early in the morning. What you can do is use a smart plug connected by Wi-Fi and, as long as you don’t have interruptions in the Wi-Fi network and it works well, you can decide when it turns on.

For example, you could have the coffee maker turn on a few minutes before you get up or put the oven to preheat before you get home and save a few minutes of your time to use for other tasks.


Cleaning chores can take significant time each week. For example, sweeping the floor in the corridor, in the living room, in the room… You can use an intelligent robot to do this task without you having to pay attention. That will allow you to save time on something that you would have to do manually.

But there are even robots to clean windows. They are more expensive, yes, but there is an option to also save time cleaning windows.

Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

automate lights

Ok, this is not exactly what will save you the most time, but it is something that you can do very easily. You can use smart bulbs with motion sensors. This will allow them to turn on or off automatically when you go through a corridor or enter a room, for example.

It is especially useful for certain places such as a garage. You will not have to drop boxes that you can carry, for example, to turn on the lights. Also, don’t worry about turning the switch on or off manually when you arrive or leave by car. That will save you time, if only a little, every day.

Create reminders and write things down with Alexa

If you are one of those who constantly write things down, whether on your mobile or on paper, Alexa can help you save time. Think, for example, when you are in the kitchen cooking and you remember that you have to buy something in the supermarket and you go to your mobile phone and write it down. The same with any other task that comes to mind.

What Alexa allows is simply to point things by voice. You are going to say that I write something down on the shopping list, on the list of tasks that you must do, etc. It will help you save time, even if it’s just a few minutes.

As you can see, using home automation to save time is possible. You have many uses that you can apply in your day to day. It is important that you always choose the smart devices that you are going to use, that you configure them well and that you do not have any security problems.

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