Seagate offer, hard drives up to 8TB capacity for less than €200

If you are looking to buy a high capacity hard drive, to be able to use it on a server, create backup copies or simply expand the space on your computer, we are going to show you a series of offers. They are hard drives that you can find in Amazon and that they are available at a reduced price, with a discount compared to the usual. We are going to show the characteristics of each of them, since there are different spaces.

Are Seagate brand hard drives, one of the most popular in this type of device. You can find three different models on sale on Amazon: 2 TB, 4 TB and 8 TB. If you need something with a large capacity, they are undoubtedly interesting options that you can take advantage of. Of course, as usually happens in these cases, they are offers that have a period of time before returning to the original price.

Seagate drives on sale

First up is the 8TB Seagate Technology hard drive. Has a great capacity to be able to use it on a server, create backup copies or simply for your computer, in case you need to store many files. It has a USB 3.0 port, so you will be able to connect it to any compatible device, such as a game console.

This external hard drive is very easy to use. Windows automatically recognizes it, so you’ll be able to connect it at any time and make backup copies, free up space, etc. For example, you will be able to transfer files from your computer when you see that you are running out of space. The same with any other device you use.

You can find it on Amazon with a 19% discount and a final price of €197.99. Therefore, we are dealing with a hard drive 8TB Seagate for less than €200. Of course, the recommended price is higher, so once the offer ends, it will go up again.

An alternative, also from Seagate, is this 4TB external hard drive. Likewise, you will be able connect it to many devices, such as a computer, game console, etc. You will be able to create backup copies, have documents of all kinds stored and avoid data loss in case there is a problem.

Its size and the fact that it has a USB port means that you can take it anywhere and connect a wide variety of devices. In this case, it has a 38% discount and the sale price remains at €110.99. Undoubtedly, a very interesting price for this type of external drives.

You can also find this 2TB Seagate hard drive on sale. If you don’t need as much available space, with 2TB it is perfect for most users. You will also be able to connect devices of all kinds, as long as they have a USB port. It offers a transfer speed of 6 GB per second.

The sale price is €72.99, with a 43% discount on the usual price. Quite a significant markdown which, as you know, may only be available for a short period of time before it goes up again.

In short, you have several options if you need to buy an external hard drive. These three Seagate models are a good option to purchase a guaranteed device at a reduced price. You could even connect it to an old router, as long as it’s compatible.

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