Security starts in the hardware: Intel digs deeper with an interesting study

The chip giant has produced an interesting study confirming something that, frankly, was an open secret: security begins in the hardware. According to the study carried out by Intel, 64% of those surveyed say that organizations are more likely to contract technologies and services from providers that are at the forefront of innovation.

Another interesting fact that this Intel study leaves us is that 36% of those surveyed acknowledge having adopted hardware assisted security solutionswhile 47% say their organizations will adopt these solutions in the next six months (24%) or 12 months (23%), suggesting there is a growing awareness that hardware-assisted security capabilities They are fundamental for a solid security strategy.

To all this we must add that 85% of those surveyed affirm that hardware and/or firmware based security is a high or very high priority in your organization. Additionally, 64% believe it is important for a vendor to offer both hardware- and software-assisted security capabilities.

Companies are expected to spend $172 billion in 2022 to increase their cybersecurity systems and improve measures to protect against the main threats that currently exist in the technology sector. Organizations generally recognize that hardware-assisted security capabilities are critical to implement a solid strategy, and many are looking for technology providers capable of delivering innovative security solutions.

With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why we see adoption growing; while the study carried out by Intel reveals that only 36% of those surveyed recognize that the current cybersecurity protocols of their organization use hardware-assisted security solutions, 47% assure that these solutions will be adopted in the next six months (24 %) or 12 months 23%), which represents, as we saw at the beginning, an important expectation of growth.

On this topic Suzy Greenberg, Vice President of Intel Product Security and Assurance, commented:

The current security threat landscape keep evolving, becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult for organizations to address. Today more than ever, businesses are demanding hardware-enhanced security solutions and assurance capabilities that help protect their entire network. Intel is in a unique position to offer these innovations«.

The rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape requires businesses and organizations to stay one step ahead of security updates, yet challenges remain in managing vulnerabilities and patching these updates. According to the study, less than half of companies have full visibility into newly disclosed vulnerabilities and patches/updates (48% of respondents) and primarily prioritize security updates for next-generation products (42% of respondents ), when the reality is that there are still many legacy devices in use around the world.

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