September 11: Inside the president’s war room. Now available on Apple TV +

September 11, 2001. The news broadcasts what appears to be a plane crash against one of New York’s two mythical twin towers. Moments later. another plane crashes into the other tower. It is later known that a third plane attempts the same against the Pentagon. It is not an accident, it is the biggest terrorist attack in history. It was a before and after in the models of security, social, economic …; Twenty years later Apple TV + together with the BBC broadcast a documentary about the decisions that had to be made. September 11: Inside the President’s War Room now available.

September 11: Inside the president’s war room. A documentary made on par between Apple TV + and the BBC. In fact, it is already available worldwide to be seen through Apple’s subscription service. Except in the UK, which is televised exclusively by the BBC.

The documentary offers exclusive interviews with President George W. Bush and his chief of staff and closest advisers at the time of 9/11. They break down the government’s actions in response to the initial reports, first dismissed as a tragic accident, and how that quickly changed as the full nature of the terrorist activity (and the start of the war) became apparent.

The documentary also speaks and clarifies the shortcomings of the technology of the time, as the president’s team on Air Force One is often unable to communicate with the bunker where the vice president was staying. Air Force One’s access to phone lines and news broadcasts was also affected.

September 11: Inside the President’s War Room combines narrative and interviews with gripping photographs of the events, including an endless series of shots from the war room itself.

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