So you can make an SD card work on your iPhone

Did you know that you can connect SD cards to your iPhone? In this way, you will be able to import different types of files. Either in the memory of your iPhone, or upload them directly to iCloud or create custom folders and albums. In addition, since the incorporation of the Files app in iOS, this function has been much more vitaminized.

How to connect SD cards to an iPhone and transfer files

To date, iPhones have a Lightning connection port. The (long-awaited) USB-C has not yet arrived for this product. However, this does not prevent us from connecting SD cards. To do this, we have this option: use the adapter Apple Official Lightning to SD Cards. In this way, we can connect standard-size or microSD SD cards using the standard-size SD card adapter.

The reason why we show this product is because it is certified by Apple and we make sure that it is 100% error free. In addition, it is one of the adapters that I use the most in my day to day and it is a product that does not fail. The adapter can be purchased at the Apple Store or directly on Amazon, and its operation is very simple: we connect the adapter to the Lightning port, and then we insert the SD card. In the most recent versions of iOS, if no message appears, it will indicate that we have done it correctly.

The Photos and Files apps make the process easier for us

Once the SD card is inserted in the iPhone, through the adapter, we have two ways to transfer files. The Photos app and the Files app. In earlier versions of iOS, before the Files app came along, we could only transfer pictures from SD to iPhone using the Photos app. So the functionalities have been significantly expanded.

Once we are inside the photos app, a new icon will appear in the lower menu bar: Matter. In this way, the images and videos that are stored will appear. From this tab we can see the occupied capacity, the number of files and the options to import and delete the elements. From the iPhone we can operate directly to the SD card.

import files from sd card to iphone

In addition, when importing the images, we can select the albums where we want to import the data. Now, the thing is extended with the Files application. And it is that we can see, through organized folders, the different files that are on the card. And from here we can select where we want to import them: in the phone’s memory, iCloud Drive or cloud providers or open the files in specific programs.

app iphone sd files

The transfer process is facilitated and the options that we can make are expanded. Gone are the error messages indicating that the SD could not work because the device was not powerful enough (yes, this happened in versions of iOS 6, 7 on older devices such as the 5th generation iPod Touch). And while we still don’t have USB-C on the iPhone, which will make this process even easier and we won’t have to rely on Lightning-certified accessories (which will make the process even cheaper), it’s a solution that has gotten much better over time. and also, it is easy to perform.

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