Smart, iPhone-compatible vacuum cleaner at an insane price

The yeedi 2 hybrid can be purchased now with a discount of 70 euros thanks to a discount coupon available on Amazon. You just have to add it to the basket and at the time of buying it, cancel the coupon that it already has associated with it. Taking into account the offer it represents and the benefits it offers, there is no doubt that it is a bargain for a vacuum cleaner. Although, yes, the offer is temporary and it will end next Sunday, October 31, so you should hurry.

You schedule the cleanings and you forget

The yeedi 2 hybrid is a robot vacuum cleaner that allows you to start cleaning whenever you want, it would only be missing. Although one of its great virtues and for which it is very worthwhile is that it allows establishing a series of Schedule those to clean.

This is especially useful if we have left home and have forgotten to configure it. If we remember in time, we can ask you to clean it on the spot, but in order not to even have to remember it, it is possible to set a time to start cleaning and even choose in which rooms we want it to happen.

Makes a map of your house and leaves it like the jets of gold

One of the main drawbacks of many smart vacuum cleaners is that they bump against all walls and corners because, although they have detectors, they do not know the area to be cleaned well enough to do it in the most efficient way. But this is not the case, since it offers the possibility of create a map of your house in such a way that I can clean quickly and efficiently.

The good thing about this functionality is that it includes other extras such as be able to edit that map setting limits according to the rooms and even within the room itself. If, for example, we want it to clean the kitchen floor, but not the living room floor because we are there, we can ask the robot to clean only in that area.

Cleans a lot, fast and quietly

All this exercising a effective and thorough cleaning that leaves the whole house clean as a whistle with a suction capacity up to 2,500pa. And in all corners, because when measuring only 7.7 centimeters tall can even slip under the sofa for cleaning. In addition to offering carpet detection, thus adapting its cleaning to this type of surfaces so that they are not an obstacle in the process.

And this efficiency when leaving the house clean is not achieved simply by sweeping, since it also has a mop with which to mop the floor thanks to a 240 ml tank that is able to fully scrub homes with up to 260 square meters in one go. And all this, by the way, is not at all at odds with being a device too quiet.

Not even the biggest houses are a problem

If there is a problem that is also very frequent in some of these vacuum cleaners, it is that the battery can last very little or not be enough if the house is very dirty or large. Well, the yeedi 2 hybrid offers a battery 5,200 mAh with which to avoid this problem as well.

And of course, once your cleaning is done and you are back at your departure base, you will be charging again. It must be said that the power of this battery and the optimization it has allows cleanings up to 3 hours and 20 minutes, so he has rope for a while.

Take control from your iPhone

This vacuum cleaner is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so if you have a smart speaker from Amazon or Google, everything will be much more comfortable. Unfortunately it is not compatible with HomeKit and therefore with the HomePods, but that does not mean that Apple devices are left aside.

In the App Store it is possible to download the yeedi official app to control everything that we have been commenting on throughout this article. From its initial configuration, to the selection of schedules and everything related to its operation. Of course, a free application and that works optimally on any iPhone that has iOS 10 or later, so can be used on both an iPhone 5s and an iPhone 13.

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