So you can download thousands of programming books for free

The programming It is one of the skills that has more professional opportunities today. Knowing programming opens many doors for us when it comes to finding work within the IT sector. Also, the better our skills as programmers, the more chances we have to walk through that door. Therefore, good training is vital. Thus, whether you are just starting to learn programming, or if you want to broaden and improve your knowledge, here we are going to show you how to download, free of charge, thousands of programming books and resources.

It is easy to find all kinds of resources to learn programming. On the net there are a lot of courses, videos on YouTube, and, of course, books and documentation. However, it is difficult to find a place where we can find books and resources for all kinds of programming languages. And this is precisely what the Free Ebook Foundation addresses.

Thousands of free programming books thanks to the Free Ebook Foundation

Free Ebook Foundation is a foundation whose main objective is that electronic books will be financed, distributed and maintained for the benefit of all. To do this, it has a very interesting project called “”, which has already achieved more than 18,000 electronic books in the public domain. And within this project we come across one of the most important lists that we can find on the net: Free Programming Books.

In this list, those responsible for this project have obtained the support of more than 1,200 collaborators, being able to link to over 3,000 e-books, podcasts and all kinds of resources related to programming. This list, which we can find published on GitHub, has books for all programming languages, written in all kinds of languages, including, of course, Spanish.

In addition, all the books are perfectly cataloged and organized. For example, we can find them organized by theme, being able to quickly go to books on algorithms, data structures, containers or databases, to name a few examples. Or also by programming language, where we will find everything related to languages ​​ranging from Assembler to Java, through COBOL, C and even PHP and its main frameworks.

Specifically, in Spanish, we can find more than 200 books and resources for those who do not want, or cannot, read in other languages ​​due to the difficulty that this entails. Despite this, we recommend studying the books in English, since the translations, especially the oldest ones, can give us more than one headache.

Except for some specific books, most of them are configured so that we can open them from the browser. Some cannot be downloaded, but others can be downloaded to the PC to save them and use them when we need it.

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