So you can save when you buy on Amazon if you have Alexa

There has come a time when even food products can reach us here periodically and scheduled. All this not to mention anything related to technology, clothing, pets or decoration. Right now on Amazon we can find almost everything, and many of these purchases can reach us at home in just a matter of a few hours.

Likewise, the online store itself offers us some useful tools that, if we know how to take advantage of them, we can save a few euros on our purchases. The case that we are going to present below serves as a clear example of all this. Surely many of you know the smart speakers developed by Amazon itself and that we can buy in its online store. Are smart devices with which we can interact to carry out multiple tasks, even turning our house into a much more futuristic home.

But at the same time we can make use of this integrated function that the speakers of alexa and that will allow us to save almost without realizing it. Surely many of you already know first-hand that prices on Amazon vary significantly sometimes, in a matter of hours. Everything is a matter of finding the exact moment in which there is a price drop in a product that interests us, to save a few euros.

Take advantage of the best Amazon deals with Alexa

The first thing we should know is that when we buy an Alexa smart speaker in the Amazon store, we usually link our account to the device. Basically this means that we can take advantage of the functions from the store directly from the smart speaker that we are talking about. For example, this will allow us not to have to constantly pay attention to price drops of the products that interest us in order to take advantage of savings.

For this that we tell you, the first thing we must do is create a wish list, for example, from the Amazon store website within our account. Therefore, here we will have to add all those products in which we are interested. We are referring to those products in the store in which we are not in a hurry to buy them and in which we want to take advantage of some significant price drop punctual.

Thus, once we have added those products that we want to monitor, Alexa itself will automatically inform us about price drops. This information will reach the smart speaker in the form of notifications that it will communicate to us immediately so that we can take advantage of these savings on everything we are interested in buying from Amazon.

We must bear in mind that some of the offers that this e-commerce giant offers us sometimes only last a few hours. At the same time, there are those that only extend over a certain number of stocks, which means that we must be quick to get hold of one of them, for which Alexa will help us with this trick.

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