How do you know if your PS5 is about to fail and how can you avoid it?

The PS5 is, in fact, a computer integrated in a very small case and, of course, dedicated exclusively to games; However, it is still a PC and, as such, requires some maintenance tasks and that we take some precautions to be able to extend its useful life to the maximum. Just like on a PC, there are some obvious symptoms that something is wrong, and if you catch them early, you can react accordingly to prevent your expensive and hard-to-get playstation from going to a better life.

Symptoms that your PS5 is about to fail

One of the main problems that this console can have has to do with the temperature, since as we have explained before, quite powerful hardware is integrated in a very small space. The symptom that something is not going well you will see because your fan, blower type, it speeds up more than necessary and even does it in situations where it should not (such as being in the main menu and not in a game). This is an unequivocal sign that the console is getting too hot.

Another symptom that can make you think that the PS5 is about to fail is abnormal noises. The moving parts of the console, such as the fan and its optical drive, make noise when they are in operation, but with the console in good condition that noise is quite stable and characteristic. If there comes a time when these noises are strange and, above all, excessive (for example, the fan sounding like a rattle), it is also usually a sign that something is wrong with the console.

Obviously there are other symptoms in addition to what we have told you, although in many cases they can be precisely the result of the above: artifacts on the screen, performance deficient, that the optical unit do not read some discs or that error, that the WiFi fails, etc. It is logical to think that, with use, some of the components of the console may fail due to wear or even because it was wrong from the factory, in which case we can do little to prevent it, and we will only have to take the console to technical service ( especially if it happens while it is still under warranty).

How to avoid the main problems on the PS5

Indoor PS5

As we have said before, most of the problems that you can find in the PS5 usually have to do with a high operating temperature, and this can occur for several reasons that you can try to avoid:

  • Do not place the console “embedded” in a piece of furniture, without room to breathe. Make sure that the console is on a solid surface but with nothing too close, thus ensuring that it can take in fresh air and that hot air pockets are not formed with which it expels through its vents.
  • Continuing with the placement where you have the console, do not put it near windows to prevent dust or dirt from the street from entering it directly, and do not let it shine in direct sunlight.
  • Try to always keep the console as clean as possible. Dust will inevitably get inside, which can lead to poorer operating temperatures (and even a burning smell to the extreme), but cleaning the exterior frequently can take a long time.
  • Never insert a game disc that is dirty. Not only could this lead to read errors, it could end up dirtying the lens in the optical drive, irreparably damaging it.

Since the PS5 has the power supply built into the device itself, it is also possible that at one point you will hear coil whine (it’s a kind of electric chirp). Generally not something to worry about, as it is considered relatively normal in electrical appliances, but if the console has started doing it overnight, or if it does so only in some situations (for example, when there is fire in the picture), something may not be right. This cannot be avoided, but you can try to see if when you plug the console into another socket it continues to do so, since sometimes the coil whine is caused by the electrical outlet (especially if you have it plugged into a strip, since this can also cause problems).

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