Someone has imagined what the Switch would be like with the aesthetics of iOS

A very modern Switch menu

As you can see in the image gallery that this user has posted on Reddit, the proposed interface offers very colorful menus with transparencies and unfocused backgrounds that allow you to have floating menus to play with different layers. The main menu would continue to be very similar to the current one, although the game icons would become somewhat higher to present a rectangular format.

Basically this style proposes more colorful and deep menus, being able to configure personalized wallpapers and obtaining very complete information sheets about the games. Another of the functions that have attracted a lot of attention is the possibility of creating folders with which to organize games according to themes, types of game or organize favorites.

Is the Switch menu going to be updated?

Switch menus

The presentation of the new Switch with OLED screen did not present anything related to new menus, so at the moment it does not seem that Nintendo is going to implement major changes in that regard. It must be taken into account that a greater complexity of the interface could consume more memory, and the peculiarity of the system is that it can be converted from a laptop to a desktop in an instant.

Unfortunately the work of bycorousseauu It is nothing more than a home job that serves as inspiration, and that also helps to imagine all those users who have been asking for details such as transparencies, rounded menus and folders. Will Nintendo be able to offer all these things to its fans? Considering that it has taken 3 years to incorporate the Bluetooth audio function through a simple software update, we very much fear that this is not going to happen.

Until Nintendo wants

Something tells us that the interface of Nintendo Switch is not going to have great changes. Nintendo’s interface will be what it is during the life of the console, since it is something that the manufacturer has always respected in all its modern consoles, so it would be very strange if Nintendo broke its conservative style in this regard. Time will tell, but we imagine that unless you launch a next-gen console, the flat and multi-screen menus will continue to coexist with us on our console.

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