The first image of The Last of Us looks like a screenshot from the game

The first image of The Last of Us

The creator of The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann, will also direct the series that will premiere HBO. His Twitter profile is often a place to find new leads about the production, and that’s just what happened today with one of his latest posts. According to his text, apparently the director was very astonished when he first saw the characterized actors, and could not think of anything other than “It’s Joel and Ellie!”

And it is that you only have to take a quick look at the shared image to effectively verify that we are facing something that can be very big.

A real photo or a capture?

The aesthetic aspect of the characters is incredible, since they have identical clothing and accessories to those in the video game. But if there is something else that surprises, it is the aura and sensations that the photo gives off, since it seems completely taken from the video game. Whether due to the body position of the characters, the focal point and approach of the camera or the landscape, the image in question is identical to any of the shots that we could enjoy in the game, maintaining that unmistakable aesthetic and with so much narrative behind it. that characterizes Naughty Dog games. Will we see the famous giraffe scene in the series? Of course, it seems that Ellie has a much more adult appearance than the character in the game, so we will see at what point in the timeline they place us.

When will the series premiere?

The last of us

At the moment the only thing we know is that HBO is still working on the production of The Last of Us, and unfortunately there is no date set for the premiere of it. Of course, everything seems to point to the fact that it will be in 2022 when the streaming service launches it around the world, so we should not wait too long until the service shares with the world the first official images in the form of a teaser or trailer. official.

Most likely, the release date is around the end of 2022, so we will keep waiting until we can finally confirm the first details of the arrival on the screens.

What do you think of the shared image? Do you think the series will manage to live up to the game? Considering what has been seen, it seems that the level of production and the fixation for details seems to be very high.

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