Someone was using my HBO Max account without my permission, so I blocked them

Right now it is more than likely that many of you have an account on one of the available video streaming platforms. Here we refer to Internet services for this multimedia content, as popular as Netflix or HBO Maxamong many others.

These types of platforms have not stopped growing in recent years and are serving as substitutes for conventional television. Here we find a huge amount of content in the form of movies, series and documentaries that we can reproduce when we want and where we want. Thanks to the official applications for desktops and mobile devices, we can take that content with us anywhere.

In addition, several of these proposals allow us to share the account that we pay religiously every month, with other users. It is an excellent way of Reduce costs and enjoy all these videos at a lower price. However, it may be the case that on certain occasions this sharing of accounts gets out of hand. This means that on platforms like HBO Max, which is what we will focus on now, we have shared and stopped sharing an account on several occasions and with a multitude of users.

Unfortunately, at this point it may be the case that we are detecting that certain unauthorized users are consuming videos in our service account. This can lead to problems when accessing and trying to play certain movies and series, or simply platform don’t let us in. Therefore, we are going to show you a very simple and effective solution to block those users and devices not allowed on HBO Max.

Block devices not allowed on HBO Max

To achieve all this that we tell you about, at first we only have access our account of the streaming video platform. Once we have entered the corresponding access credentials, we find the contents that we can access. This is something that we are going to carry out from the web version of the multimedia service. Therefore, at this point we only have to click on our profile photo that is located in the upper right corner of the main interface.

Here we find different options and in this particular case we opted for the so-called Settings. At that moment, different parameters and options will appear on the screen that allow us to configure our online service account. The one that interests us in this case is the section that says Devices and we click on the link manage devices.

Now we are going to find an extensive list with the latest devices that have permission right now to access our HBO Max account. Therefore, we will have to look carefully at those that we want not to connect again without our permission. Next to each of the entries, on the right, we find an X sign that allows us to eliminate that specific device so that do not have access again to our account.

Likewise, we will have the possibility of closing session in all of them. If we are not sure which one is not allowed, it is better to use this function and at the same time change the access password to be sure. Later we will be able to provide the new password to those with whom we share our HBO Max account.

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