Sony has the smallest noise-canceling True Wireless

The market is full of completely wireless headphone models with which to enjoy noise cancellation technologies and total freedom from cables, but many of the ones we can buy have quite bulky designs. Well, Sony has managed to reduce everything to a minimum, and almost without losing anything that you would like to have in headphones. These are the new LinksBuds S.

New LinkBuds S from Sony

When Sony introduced the LinkBuds we thought that this new range would inaugurate a family of devices characterized by that peculiar opening. But the manufacturer has surprised us by launching these LinkBuds S, since they are more traditional True Wireless that does not include any kind of frills in the design. Well, or maybe yes.

And it is that we are facing the smallest True Wireless headphones on the market, a size that you cannot assimilate until you have them in your hand and compare them with previous generations. Compared to the famous WF-1000XM4, they are 35% lighter (weighing only 4.8 grams per earphone) and have 40% less volume.

This sums up very well the cover letter of the LinkBuds Ssince they are very, very small (they have an interchangeable SS-size pad that could be used for the smallest of the house), and being made of recycled plastic, an extremely light body with a very pleasant touch is achieved.

with noise cancellation

The most surprising thing is that its tiny body has not prevented it from including a noise cancellation system that will allow you to isolate yourself from the outside world quite effectively, and you can also enjoy the transparency mode with which you can continue interacting with the outside world without having to take off your the headphones.

Pretty advanced models.

Although these LinkBuds do not have functions such as the dual Bluetooth profile, they do have Fast & Swift Pair, touch controls, compatibility with voice assistants (Google Assistant and Alexa), and 5-millimeter drivers with a Sony V1 processor accompanied by advanced technologies. such as DSEE Extreme, Hi-Res Audio Wireless, and 360 audio.

The headphones you’ll never take off

LinkBuds S

Sony presents these new models under the “Never Off” concept. And it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Just as the original LinkBuds invited you to always wear them thanks to that hole that allows you to be aware of your surroundings, with the new LinkBuds S, you can continue to be connected to the outside with transparency mode, in addition to being able to wear them comfortably almost without noticing it thanks to its extreme lightness.

What price do they have?

Priced at €199, these new LinkBuds S are not extremely expensive models if we take into account everything they offer. Inside they hide a large amount of technology focused on audio quality and noise cancellation and, in addition, they come with such a small body that they are the smallest noise-canceling models on the market. Of course, following the line of the brand, they will continue to be a more expensive option compared to other more affordable options that you can find on the market, although as always, it is most likely that they cannot be compared in terms of technology.

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