Sony would be preparing a PlayStation Portable, but it is not what you think

those who wanted the return of PS Vita they are in luck. As reported in Insider GamingPayStation is working on the development of a new portable console, however, the concept could be quite far from a portable console as such, since its function would be more oriented to remote play with a PS5.

A portable PlayStation that depends on PS5


Sony wants to continue expanding its ecosystem, and after the launch of PS VR2, the next step would be to strengthen the connection with PS5. And for this, nothing better than a device that allows you to continue playing the game you had in hand. This is something that can currently be done with a mobile device or a computer thanks to the Remote Play application, however, the idea is to be able to do it from an official device with the same sensation of having a Dual Sense.

As they say in Insider Gamingthe device requires the presence of a PS5, so it would not be a cloud gaming device as such. This sounds a bit strange to us, as it could perfectly serve to play the PlayStation Now library without the need for the main console.

Q Lite, the new PlayStation Portable

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Be that as it may, the device, which seems to respond internally to the name of QLitecould be launched this year, and would have a 8 inch screen and ones drivers identical to Dual Senseor at least that’s what the prototype that has been sighted looks like.

As we mentioned, Sony’s idea of ​​offering its own hardware of this type will allow it to offer its own technologies such as adaptive triggers or haptic vibration, which will transmit the same gaming experience as a Dual Sense in a portable device format with a screen, speakers and audio output.

When will it go on sale?

Rumors say that the first hardware to see the light will be the new PS5 without a disc drive, to later make way for this Q Lite and later a space for the rumored PS5 Pro. These Sony hardware launches would be part of a second phase of PS5, a movement programmed by PlayStation with which they will try to give the PlayStation ecosystem one more push for 2024.

No details of any kind have been given regarding the price, so the only thing we can wait for is to see what they have in the next PlayStation Showcase that should be held in June, and that seen what has been seen, could be loaded with incredible news.

Fountain: Insider Gaming

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