South Park premieres movie and will release 11 more

South Park returns to Paramount +, although the plot remains unknown.

The Streaming Wars It will be the third in a long line of South Park movies planned for television. This installment will hit the TVs of Paramount+ subscribers on next wednesday june 1and will take over from South Park: Post Covid Y South Park: Covid Returns.

Neither Paramount nor the creators of South Park have wanted to give many details about the plot of this film to keep the surprise. In fact, the news was originally accompanied by a very short teaser of just 15 seconds in which absolutely nothing is revealed.

According to Deadline, in South Park Streaming Wars, Cartman fights his mother at the beginning of the film in such a way that it generates a conflict that threatens the very existence of South Park. Little more is known than this brushstroke that said medium has published, so we will have to wait a few days to have more information about this release.

2022 could be a big year for South Park.

As if that were not enough, this year marks nothing more and nothing less than 25 years since the premiere of the series South Park in 1997. As a cause for celebration, Streaming Wars won’t be the only film in the franchise we’ll see this summer. A little later, in August, Paramount has assured that we will be able to see the fourth installment.

All this is possible due to an agreement between Parker, Stone and ViacomCBS. The communication group promised to guarantee a budget of $900 million to create these 14 movies, as well as 6 more seasons of the TV series and a new video game. According to the two creators of the series, the budget allows them to finance their new legal marijuana company, Tegridy Weed, a company that was born within the South Park series and that these two creatives have spent years fighting to make it a reality, taking advantage of the fact that the cultivation of Cannabis is legal in some US states.

With respect to videogamenot too much is known. The latest installment in the franchise was The Fractured But Whole, which came out in 2017. It was developed by Ubisoft in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios. Apparently, South Park Digital Studios has already anticipated that it will be a different game, and that it will not follow the events of the previous game. However, if Ubisoft continues to work with them.

When does Paramount+ arrive in Spain?


We have been learning about new releases for Paramount+ for months, but we still don’t know if this streaming platform will come to our country or not.

Paramount+ will arrive in Spain as a much larger service. Both ViacomCBS and Comcast announced almost a year ago that they were working on SkyShowtime, a service that combines Peacock (which is owned by Universal), Paramount+ and Sky. This giant streaming platform would also integrate products from Universal Pictures and Nickelodeon. Apparently, all this will arrive at the end of this 2022, although there is still no fixed date for the launch.

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