Spike email app adds audio and video calls to macOS

The popular email application Spike, which reduces emails to make them more like chats, has just been updated to add a very interesting feature: video calls. Thanks to this new functionality, users can communicate in real time without having to use third-party applications.

This new functionality allows users to perform laudio or video calls with another person or with a group from your inbox. Additionally, scheduled calls can be linked to Spike calendar invitations that connect to Gmail and other email clients.

Spike states that:

It is the first application that combines all forms of team communication in your inbox and it is also the first application that allows you to go from text to voice messages to live video meetings.

The company recognized that increased remote work has been the main motivation for adding this feature.

The live call feature works within the Spike apps for Mac and iOS. But in addition, attendees can access them from any web browser without the need for a specific plugin or even a Spike account, much like Skype (Microsoft), Zoom and the new FaceTime functionality on Android and Windows devices.

Spike’s mission is to build the most modern and intuitive collaboration platform while streamlining workflows. The change of context is something that frustrates us for a long time because we see how it breaks concentration throughout the day. Meetings and calls further reinforce that idea. There are no new apps to learn, no new accounts to create, and no more trying to figure out which video meeting app to use. Spike Email App: More robust services to come.

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