Steering wheels for racing games from 65 euros on Black Friday

Having a good steering wheel and pedal board to enjoy speed simulators is something that completely changes the experience when it comes to enjoying racing games on PC. So if you’re a fan of iRacing, Asetto Corsa and other games that aim to bring as much realism as possible to your computer, as well as console classics like Gran Turismo. Whatever your platform, we leave you one selection of Logitech steering wheels and accessories on sale during Black Friday, as well as other brands.

For a motor fan, being able to create your own setup for racing games is a dream to fulfill that requires many previous steps, but one of the key and essential elements is the purchase of a steering wheel and a pedalboard as a base to be able to enjoy of driving games as they have been designed. Unfortunately, those that are of quality are usually expensive, and that is why when there is time for offers like this Black Friday, you have to take advantage of it.

Logitech G920 and G29 steering wheels on sale, up to 46% off

Both Logitech wheels are basically the same and work flawlessly for PC, however, when it comes to consoles, one is designed for PlayStation consoles, the G29, while the other is designed for Xbox, the G920. Although their general characteristics are the same. Which we are going to relate below:

  • The structure of both steering wheels is made of anodized aluminum.
  • Both have leather covering on the steering wheel.
  • In the case of the G29 the gear lever is included as standard, but on the steering wheel, which can be uncomfortable for some people, in the G920 it is not.
  • Shift, brake and accelerator pedals included as standard on both models.

Specific, the Logitech G29 is for €219a discount of €181 or 45% on its usual price of €399 and, therefore, a cut in the face of half the price. As for the Logitech G920, its price is €213.48 and consequently the price cut is 46%

The gear stick is also on sale

If what you are looking for is maximum realism, then you will be interested to know that the gear lever complementary to these steering wheels, whether you plan to buy them or already have one of these models, has undergone a price cut just in half. And you can find it by €29.98 in order to have the complete setup of the steering wheel, pedal board and gear change.

Other flyers on sale during Black Friday

If you are not convinced by the Logitech models, you have to know that not with the only ones that are on sale.

  • We have, for example, in MediaMarkt we can find the KROM K-Wheel complete set of steering wheels and pedal board for only €65a €10 discount above its usual price.
  • A little more expensive and for fans of the rampant horse brand, we have for €85 on sale the Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB edition. A flyer that It is usually found for €109.99.
  • In the event that you are more demanding, you will be interested in the Thrustmaster steering wheel with pedal T248 with force feedback supportyou can find it by €259.99, that is, a 26% discount on its usual price. Which is also sold in two different versions.

Thrustmaster T248 steering wheel

By the way, take the opportunity to complete the setup with a seat

Any setup to play racing games would not be complete without its adapted seat. In this case we have opted for this seat adapted to driving that is fully compatible with the steering wheels and the gear lever that are on sale. Specifically, we have chosen the Cirearoa Racing Wheel Stand. Which will allow you to comfortably enjoy your favorite speed games. Its price during Black Friday? €287.20, 20% below its usual sale price.

Steering Wheel Chair Support

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