Steps to take to edit photos on an old PC without problems

We carry out this type of work both on a personal level to share our images with others, and on a professional level. In fact, most of the projects and documents we work with today in one way or another include some images. We can also do some editing work to create our own photo library, send them by mail, upload them to a internet blog, etc. Also, we must bear in mind that the developers of these editors have made their projects more intuitive over time.

This means that even the most novice users in these conflicts are able to enter this type of use and even achieve good and more than apparent results. However, this is a mode of operation that can be made more or less tedious depending on the software and equipment that we use for it. Therefore, to avoid problems in this type of task when we use a Pc which is already a few years old, we are going to take some precautionary measures.

Install and use a lightweight editor

There are many of the proposals of this type that we can use when editing our favorite photographs. However, if we are faced with the handicap that we have a somewhat limited PC in terms of specifications, we must be careful when choosing. For example, it is best to discard the most powerful ones, such as Photoshop or GIMP, especially the former. 4.2 HEIC image

We say this because we have much lighter applications at our fingertips, as well as specific ones for certain editing tasks. Therefore, these would be the most interesting so as not to consume more team resources than necessary. It is also interesting to know that we can use some of the many Web applications that work in the cloud and are perfect for these situations.

Avoid working with high resolution images

In most of the occasions when we have to edit our images, they are photos that we have possibly taken with the mobile and we want to retouch. These usually have a weight of only a few megabytes, not too many, so we should not have problems. But sometimes, especially in more professional settings, we can find ourselves with photo archives several hundred megabytes, which becomes a problem.

With this we want to tell you that, if we have a computer with limited hardware resources, we should avoid working with these large files. It could become a real ordeal or completely crash your PC.

When editing photos, close all programs

But with everything and with it we can also find that, at the Edit, both the upload and the changes we make take too long. Well, the best thing we can do here is free up resources on the computer so that the chosen editor can take advantage of them. We tell you this because in this situation we should close the rest of the Windows running applications.

With this, what we achieve is to lighten the load of use of both the processor of the team as of the RAM installed. Storake that the editor and the editing work as such work in a more fluid way.

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