Steps to verify that your connection is protected

Tip to verify that the connection is secure

When we we connect to a network we can have very important security problems. We can be victims of very diverse attacks that could put our equipment at risk. This means that we must always take precautions, use tools that protect us and of course also keep the connections in good condition.

There are different factors that are going to influence this that we mention. Sometimes users are not aware of whether their networks are really protected or not. Hence, we give these essential points to check and make sure that we really can be browsing safely.

Use of encrypted networks

Are we using a properly encrypted wireless network? It is certainly a point to take into account. We are using Wi-Fi networks more and more, but not all of them are going to be secure. We could run into major security issues if we access one that is not properly protected.

In the first place, it is essential to be connected to a network that has password. We should never access an open Wi-Fi or have our staff unprotected. But the type of encryption you use is also going to be important. Avoid those that are outdated and can be exploited, such as WEP encryption.

The VPN doesn’t leak data

In case you are using a VPN you have to make sure you are not leaking data. It will be a fundamental part of the connection and our personal information could be compromised if we use a program that is not reliable or that has a problem.

Therefore, another question to consider is whether the VPN leaks data or not. This way we will be sure that the connection that we are going to establish will not have any kind of problem and that we will be able to navigate normally.

Antivirus and firewall work fine

Count on security programs and tools it is something basic. Luckily we have a wide range of possibilities. Now, it is essential that everything works correctly. This means that we must periodically check that our antivirus or firewall are acting as they should.

There are many types of viruses that could damage our connections. Checking that the security programs are active, up-to-date and well configured can save us from being victims of a wide variety of attacks that could compromise us.

Equipment is up to date

Do we have our perfectly updated devices? This will also influence that the connections are secure and have no problems of any kind. We must check that all systems have the latest versions and any patches that have come out.

Hackers could take advantage of certain security flaws that are not fixed. This could seriously hamper security and put us in danger. Having a periodic review can be very useful in order to maintain protection and prevent possible intruders from reaching our computers.

Therefore, these are some essential questions that we must take into account to verify that a connection is secure. Only in this way can we avoid problems that may affect our day-to-day life when surfing the net.

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